Olaleye Ajanaku Foundation Gives Scholarship, Grants To Less Privileged


    In order to reduce the level of poverty and raise the educational standard of the children of the less privileged in the society, the Olaleye Ajanaku Foundation (OAF) has given scholarship awards up to the university level to the brilliant indigent students in Osun State.

    The foundation also gave grants to women who are petty traders in the state to boost their business and be able to support their household.

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    Speaking during the presentation of the scholarship award and grant to the beneficiaries, the chieftain of the All Progressive Congress (APC) Chief Ayo Afolabi, praised the founder of the foundation, Mr. Olaleye Ajanaku for the initiative gearing towards helping the orphans, vulnerable and widows in the society to raise their standard of living and give hope for their children.

    While soliciting prayers for the youthful entrepreneur, the elder statesman advised him to join the political class, saying that he is the type of the people needed to change the fortune of the country to better.

    Chief Afolabi appreciated Ajanaku for extending his kind gesture to brilliant and indigent students of Osu State, and particularly to the women who are the last man standing of their families.

    The APC chieftain urged the beneficiaries not to take the advantage and opportunity for granted. He implored the students to utilize it as a stepping stone in their career to achieving desired objectives.

    He added that that is the only way they can make their benefactor happy and do more to the people and the society at large.

    Mr. Olaleye Ajanaku who is the founder of the foundation, disclosed that the objective behind the setting up of the foundation is to give back to the society and empower the people by lifting the less privileged, orphans, vulnerable and widows who have little or no means of livelihood in the state.

    According to him, “one of the things that really triggered me to start the foundation is to empower the people, if you look around there are lots of vulnerable families in the society, and just to give some little support and that tends from Kennedy said that ‘don’t ask what the country can do for you, ask for what you can do for the country’. I believe if everyone of us starts chipping in our little cent into something like this, we can make this society a better place.”

    He said that the programme is going to be a continuous exercise “it is a rolling thing as long as we see the opportunity to help, we will always helping the people”

    Reacting to the advice of Chief Ayo Afolabi, Ajanaku said that the time is up for the people of his like mind to join politics. “I think Chief Ayo Afolabi is right. I believe it is high time folks like me starting to join the fray but we need to do it in a systematic way. We need to learn the rope, we need to familiarize ourselves to what is going on. But it doesn’t matter, once I see the opportunity of helping my fellow people, it give me sense of fulfilment.

    In his response to how much expended on the grants for the women and scholarship for the students, Olaleye Afolabi, maintained that it is huge project, but will not disclosed exact amount.

    “It is a project but thanks to almighty God who gives us the ability to do this. It is a huge investment, but it is an investment that gives me joy and fulfilment,” Olaleye Ajanaku said.

    The OAF founder implored the beneficiaries to make judicious use of the opportunity to become better people in the future.

    Beneficiaries were drawn across Ilesha and Osogbo area parts of Sound State according to the founder.

    The event witnessed the presence of dignitaries across states and walks of life including the Coordinator of the Foundation, Deola Layade, Pastor, Pastor Segun Oyeyemi, Pastor Segun Oduyemo and mother of the founder, Mrs. Ajanaku among others.

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