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Okeogun Residents Seek Urgent Action ‘Roads Of Pain’


The pictures show the deplorable road between Okaka and Ipapo in Oyo State at the weekend.

It typifies the state of almost all the roads in the Oke Ogun region of the state, highlighting the neglect of a region widely acknowledged as the food basket of southwestern Nigeria.

The region is made up of 10 local government areas out of the 33 local government areas in the state, yet surrounded by unmotorable roads.

The roads have become death traps and have disconnected the region from economic prosperity.

All the roads in the region, either state or federal, need urgent intervention. Its deplorable state is adversely affecting the tourism potentials of Oyo State.

The Old Oyo National Park, sited in the region, has become a shadow of itself.

If the roads are made motorable, people from across the world would be delighted to visit the region to research and document Oyo’s rich history for posterity.

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