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    As one of the leading contenders for the 2023 gubernatorial election, Senator Teslim Kolawole Folarin’s towering political Midas touch stands in sharp contrast to those of his adversaries. Unlike others, he has built his political resume ground-up with incredible landmarks to his feathers. As the youngest Senator in 2003, Senate leader in 2011, and experienced lawmaker in 2019, Senator Folarin’s leadership perspicacity is a subject of envy among his contemporaries. Added to this are his insightful knowledge of politics, his profound understanding of the human psyche, and his deep thoughts on critical issues that have stalled the development of our enormously endowed state. In other words, those who disagree with his style of politics even attest to his insightful knowledge of politics, profound understanding of the human psyche, and deep thoughts on where the shoe pinches us – and ways out. But where others see him as a political master strategist, others including the incumbent Governor, Seyi Makinde think otherwise.

    In his last interview with the ace broadcaster, Edmund Obilo for instance, Governor Seyi Makinde was asked to describe his main opponent in the 2023 poll. His answer offered a mix of fear and uncertainty. When you discard a crucial question integral to your political career with a wave of the hand, you are unlikely to survive the firestorm that may follow. Dismissively, Governor Makinde said his most fierce challenger is no threat. He said he’s confident of victory –with a divided house. He described those calling for his head for running after another Governor as being childish. He takes pleasure in throwing up the business of governance for a smoke while the state treasury gets looted at record time. In other words, the Governor only plays to the gallery at the media chat. Deep down, he is utterly aware of the inroad ‘tessyfication’ of Oyo politics across the state nooks and crannies.

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    Perhaps, nursed and nurtured since the three-term Senator clinched his party ticket, Governor Makinde’s voice sounded shaken and frightened. To the chagrin of his followers, Senator Teslim Kolawole Folarin is a man to watch in the coming poll. He’s gathered enough political capital and clout than his opponents. He is tested and battle ready to beat his opponent to a stupor. Those who underestimate him do so at their peril. By now, most PDP apologists who think so low of the experienced Senator must have questioned their sanity for concluding so early at the prospect of who wins the next poll. One social media influencer even suggested that since the Senator is not known for throwing money around like some treasury looters, the people of Oyo would reject him at the poll. Typical of that influencer, he didn’t take time to buttress his standpoints or clarify some of the grey areas in his thoughts. He just spoke with both sides of his mouth – and expected everyone to swallow those ill-informed opinions hook, line, and sinker. Despite being from Ibadan, the influential has forgotten how Ibadan makes shortsighted politicians suffer.

    In 2019, incumbent Governor Seyi Makinde tricked others to back his ambition. He won at the poll with the support of the coalition. Now that he has frittered with that goodwill, it is time he pays back at the poll. Because in 2023, the slogan that will defeat the incumbency’s power is simply and beautifully: Tessy Lokan, Soro Soke.

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