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Oke-Ogun And Insecurity: A Call For Concern | Adesina Julius

Over the past few weeks, a lot has happened in various parts of Nigeria that clearly points to the condition of security the nation has found itself. An average  citizen is well aware of the recent happenings, a rather appalling string of events that do not speak well of the way the government has handled the security.
Today, the situation we have found ourselves as a people is one in which none of us is safe and that anything can happen to anybody at any material time.
Oke-ogun continues to experience its own share of the security troubles. In a more conspicuous manner, the people of Oke-ogun must have been overwhelmed with the news of kidnappings, burglaries and killings in the town.
The first point of call is the porosity of the borders that surround the town. As it looks, there is a lot on that issue that could form a case in its entirety. An unsecured border makes anywhere vulnerable to attack and invasion. If it were to be in the centuries where men and governments fight for lands and territories, perhaps the town would have been dominated by invaders. Border security is a force on its own and if it combines with a host of other security issues, there will be rain of terror, just as we can see at this present time.
The security of the citizens is what defines a state. Government exists for the state and not the state for the government and this is well-captured in the provision of Section 14 sub-section 2 (b) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 (as amended) which states that “the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government”.
The first priority of the government is the safety of the people and whatever threatens their existence is an enemy of the state. The government needs to do more and more touching protection of the people and confirm the reason why they were elected in the first place. The numbers of these cases are increasing and insecurity is moving it claws to other towns. Something needs to be done and the government needs to take up that responsibility.
It has gone wrong already and the government must recognise that reality. The major part of solving a problem is knowing it exists. As the people of Oke-ogun continues to breathe in the atmosphere of fear and terror while waiting for the dark clouds to pass, the question remains thus; if not now, then when?
Oke Ogun should not become a den of kidnappers and bandits. It will slow processes, possibly go wild and more terrific. We need to act now and fast.
We cannot continue to experience an attack and the act of kidnapping to happen in our region. A region battling underdevelopment should not face banditry again.
It is, therefore, very imperative that the governments and other security stakeholders should swing into action by quick intervention.
The Oyo state government must activate all necessary authorities and resources to curb these invasion of our region before they succeed in their plan. All security agencies should be at alert. Search, arrest and prosecute those who want to turn Oke Ogun to a den of kidnapping. All lovers of peace and freedom should rise against this act of invasion of our region.
The ODCF must resolve to defend its people, their property, and all legitimate means of livelihood against both internal and external aggression. I call on our people, the residents of Oke Ogun to also remain vigilant, because curbing of crime is a collective responsibility, we should report any suspicious movement, activities and strange faces in our area to security agencies for prompt action.
In addition, we must be united in the task of defending our lives and properties. Let’s help the security personnel to help us. It is a collective responsibility.
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