NGO Holds Medical Outreach In Saki



    The Benevolent Actions Revive Hope Foundation (BARHF) Medical Outreach has organised a medical outreach program for residents of Saki.

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    The program, designed to improve the living conditions of residents, took place at the Palace of the Okere of Saki.

    “It is an initiative that was targeted at a particular demographic, aiming to positively impact the health of undeserved and vulnerable communities,” a statement by the organization indicated.

    The statement further showed that the purpose of the medical outreach was to provide awareness and basic medical checkup for people in Igboro area of the town.

    “The leadership of the foundation made the outreach a social enlighten, by sensitizing market women, elderly people on the importance of their health. Youths were also encouraged to be very cautious of their health and enjoined to abstain from things that can have negative effects on their health – like smoking, high cholesterol consumption as well as encouraged them on exercises, good diet and general hygiene.”

    Speaking after the completion of the program, Chief Ikolaba, the Baale Sepeteri of Saki, lauded the organisers for the initiative.

    ‘’I would like to implore the organizers to give the program maximum publicity so that people will be aware of the program so that many people can benefit from programs like this,” the chief said.

    BARHF is a non-governmental organization whose aim is to support and provide necessary resources and guidance to people to tackle challenges in relation to health, career navigation and community engagement.

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