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Months After Closure Due To COVID-19, Bodija Estate Resumes Jum’at Services Today


The management of Bodija Islamic centre has announced the resumption of Jumat services in the mosque.

The management announced the resumption in a statement signed by its Chairman, Alhaji M.A Siyanbade on Thursday evening.

OYOINSIGHT.COM recalls that the Friday prayer was cancelled in the Islamic centre months ago due to the novel coronavirus disease.

According to the stgatement, the decision to resume jum’at services on Friday, 7th August was reached after wide consultations and special emergency meetings of the executive committee of the muslim community.

However, the management announced certain guidelines that must be adhered to.

These are the guidelines

1. There shall be no entry to the premises and worship areas without face mask

2. We are to wash our hands properly with soap and water at the entrance – sanitizers are also provided

3. We are encouraged to perform ablution from home

4. There shall be infra-red temperature thermometer at the entrance, which all persons coming into the mosque should please subject themselves to

5. Jum’at service is strictly one hour, including sermon (from 1.20pm to 2.20pm)

6. Sermon starts 1.30pm and ends at 1.50pm (20 minutes); salat commences immediately thereafter

7. Our members are urged to arrive before 1.30 p.m, as the gates will be locked as soon as marked spaces are filled

8. There shall be no parking inside the islamic centre premises except strictly for our elders who are advised to arrive before 1.30 p.m

9. Beggars and traders are not allowed

10. We are urged to come with our praying mats as mosque rugs and mats will not be used at this period. the tiles will be cleaned and disinfected regularly

11. Vehicles are to park on the football field beside the islamic centre

12. Worshippers are to vacate the islamic centre premises immediately after jum’at prayer

13. We plead for cooperation and support from all members and other worshippers alike, as all these measures are geared towards our health and safety

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