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Meet Onilua Of Ilua, Oyo’s Oldest Living Monarch Who Is 140

The oldest monarch in Oyo state has been revealed.
The monarch is the Onilua of Ilua land, Oba Samuel Durodola Afolabi 2, who is said to be 140 years old.
Oba Afolabi became the king of the community 38 years ago when he was reported to have been 102 years.
He is one of the few Nigerian monarchs, who were given the blessing of long life by God.
The monarch, according to an investigation by Legit.ng’s regional reporter, Imran Khalid, is regarded as the oldest monarch in the state, sequel to his attainment of 140 years of existing on the surface of the earth.
He was born in 1879 to the family of Afolabi and became king after the demise of Oba Majaro and enthroned in 1981 when he was 102 years of age.
The investigation revealed that Oba Afolabi was a commercial farmer at Arigidana, Babaode in Itesiwaju local government of the state before community leaders and king makers unanimously agreed to make him the king of Ilualand.
In Legit.ng’s exclusive interaction with Oba Afolabi on Monday, October 21 in his the palace, the monarch, who was hale and hearty despite his old age, said he came on board as a paramount ruler of Ilualand in 1981 when he was at the age of 102 years.
He said the demise of Oba Majaro necessitated his installation and coronation as he was unanimously chosen the king of the community.
The monarch said while he came on board as the community’s ruler, there were challenges of lack of potable water, motorable roads, electricity, schools and hall among others.
He added that with the support of the chiefs, community leaders, elites and politicians, Ilualand began to enjoy the availability of potable water, and that the electricity was restored.
The road at the heart of the town and dam were constructed and telecommunication mass was also installed.
Oba Afolabi said the mutual and cordial relationship that is existing up to date among the community leaders, elites, politicians and chiefs necessitated the unprecedented achievements in the community.
He called on all indigenes of the town at home and in Diaspora to develop the town the more and he also enjoined the governments at all levels to extend the dividends of democracy to the town.
In a similar development, Joseph Ojeleye, the Aare Oba, who is saddled with responsibilities of delivering king’s messages, said the monarch was a living legend and he remains the oldest king in Nigeria today.
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