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Mama Bright: An Assiduous Woman Photographer | Akewusola Bolaji


I am elated to present my jewel of inestimable value and brief account of her photography journey.

Mama Bright started her photography journey in the early 1970s in Lagos. She moved from Lagos to Oyo and her brand name is BRIGHT PHOTOS. She continued her journey in Oyo town at Aguo area, Oke-apo. After some years, she collaborated with one of the female photographers in the town, popularly known as “Mama Born Photos”. The two of them worked together at Asogo and after some years of working together, Mama bright then moved her stand to Ilaka area. She’s a professional par excellence and a successful woman as she had trained multitude of apprentices both female and male.

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She’s the first female in the history of videography combined with photography.

Her brand name hits every nooks and crannies of the town before my humble self and other siblings took over from her.

I am always happy to point at her as my mother anywhere I find myself.

She’s a special being. Her kindness, simplicity, generousity and attribute of loving other children like hers is exceptional. She always preaches for peace in any society she finds herself.

She has made a great impact in this realm through memorable photography. Even during analog era, she was well known with quality photography and her brand name always speaks good about her work.

My Mirror, I am glad as your son that I followed your footsteps and best of the best photography training you impacted in me.

Iya AKANNI ONIFOTO, May you live long with upsurge health to enjoy your fruits of labour.

She has always been an important factor in any society she finds herself.

She’s a member of Ansar-ud- deen society of Nigeria, Oyo Branch.

She’s a successful woman, blessed with Children.

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