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Makinde And His Predecessors’ Projects | Abolade Olosun 



Have you heard ! The new alias christened Gov Seyi Makinde by our opposite friends. If you have not heard, it means you are not current with what is trending in Oyo political arena. Anyway, don’t worry, I will always abreast Nigerians of all that is trending in Oyo politics. When Makinde was named Mr Populism and Audio Governor, I informed you here, https://oyoinsight.com/makinde-and-populism-abolade-olosun/ Now, let me gist you about the new name that is trending , GSM is now titled *commissioning Commissioner*.

It was always like adding salt to injury whenever GSM goes on air that he has upgraded, renovated and now available for public use, any half baked or uncompleted project initiated by any of the last administration. The announcement always boiled and infuriated them, and whenever they can no longer contained it again, they will burst out, exclaiming “Audio Governor, it was Ajimobi’s project, Makinde is claiming APC glory, haa hee, commissioning Ajimobi’s projects, GSM is now commissioning commissioner, bla bla bla” then, whenever they want to refer to him, they say *commissioning commissioner*

Governance is Continuum is an inherited adage in political circles. Soldiers go, soldiers come barracks remain standstill.
Every successive government embarks on one project or the other and when they are leaving office, there are usually many unfinished projects left behind. In a sane sphere, It is prudently frugal for succeeding governments to continue and complete all these inherited projects. In Oyo State as a point of focus, this culture is alien to Many past governments, they had prodigally neglected this culture of continuity. Many projects initiated by past administrations are always lying fallowing and wasting away.

This lack of interest attitude was probably caused by some factors like :-
1) Already contracted out projects have been negotiated and kick back paid to project’s initiator, leaving nothing for inheritor.
2) The selfish belief that the glory in those projects belong to the administration and political party that initiated the projects.

Gov Akala refused to continue and complete many projects inherited from Gov. Ladoja. Gov.Ajimobi abandoned many of Gov. Akala’s projects.

Then, here come the new Marshal in town, the man of probity, GSM the commissioning commissioner that none of the above listed factors affected. He believes all the glories belong to God almighty

The alias first came to my hearing when GSM commissioned the expanded and refurbished State Security Control Room, the City Watch Project, and the Oyo State Crime Alert Platform located inside the Oyo State Security Trust Fund Office, Onireke. Gov Ajimobi’s administration initiated this project in unsustainable manner and it was not functioning owing to accumulated debts owed MTN on a monthly basis to the tune of N3.5m.
GSM rebranded this outfit to monthly cost free and added crime alert platform. This was laudable and he needed to make public awareness about the new development on the already moribund project, but our opposite friends viewed it contemptuously.

There was also a big outcry when Gov. Seyi Makinde brought back life into iyaganku located family court, where teenagers and family cases will be given speedy trial. Heard this, they went berserk, spiting thunderous fire  like Sango Olukoso, the same story and name callings.

Another abandoned projects and very pathetic in oyo state are Awotan, Ido dumpsite and Moniya Akinyele asphalt plant. These two sites have been since Gov Ladoja’s regime been abandoned and moribund after his exit. The succeeding governments did nothing to upgrade these projects, everything abandoned. Apete Awotan peoples had been enjoying stenches as part of their daily diets since and government had been patronizing third parties company for their asphaltic transactions. It seems our opposite friends enjoy moribundity and poverty because when GSM brought back life and recommissioned Awotan dump site for refuse recycling and upgraded Moniya Akinyele asphalt company, there were foul cries from them that GSM is claiming another person’s glory. Anyway thanks to God’s sent GSM for upgrading these two major industries, providing more employments, increased Oyo State IGR, reduced government expenditures on asphalts and made Awotan people to enjoy natural atmosphere.

Many more to count later, because it would bore you if I should continue narrating many more that had been upgraded and completed and many more that are in the pipeline, but before I drop my pen now, let me laud former Gov Akala for appreciating GSM for embarking on the completion of road that leads from Orita new garage to owode apata, popularly known as “Akala road “. The road began by Gov. Akala administration. Despite lots of outcries from the masses, Gov Abiola Ajimobi turned deaf ears and refused to complete this road for good eight years. Now let’s await to hear another shouts of *GSM the Commissioning commissioner* when the road is due for recommission soonest.

Gov Oluwaseyitodarafunwaloyo, just continue modernising Oyo State and ignore those cynics , I have talked about them before, they never see anything good in many things that millions of people are appreciating and happy about, extreme cynicism



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