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Makinde And Demolition Of Olore Central Mosque: An Apocalyptic Solution | Monsuru Adeyemo

Yes, as a comrade, I detest and reject any form of oppression, intimidation and dehumanization but demolition of Baba Olore Central Mosque and Madrasat is a total apocalyptic solution.

As Oyo State Government are trying to rehabilitate the victims of the alleged unethical/unorthodox Islamic correctional centre, they must as well re- orientate the operators of the facility as the earlier founders and their successors do not mean evils.

The motives which are to correct bad behaviours among youth and rehabilitate those with anti social attitudes should be encouraged while the methods, spartan approaches to issues must be discouraged.

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The operators of the centres can be trained, retrained and put under government watch especially when Nigerian government are trying to upgrade her correctional services to the 21st century standard, they are assets not liabilities, though, all unethical or old methods are condemned.

Baba Olore, the founder, who is now late has immensely contributed to Islam, Ibadan, Oyo State and Nigeria at large as he was ally to many Nigerian Heads of State and bigwigs in the nation and beyond,Mr Governor, Engr Seyi Makinde! You can check the history sir, please, please, and please, don’t destroy Allah’s House and Muslims’ Mosque, in Islam, Mosques do not belongs to those that built it but it belongs to Allah and Muslim ‘Ummah’.

Sir, Our Uncle, Oyo State Helmsman! We love you as you love us, please, don’t handle religious matters the way  you do handle political one, putting cart before horse, please and please, the religious matters are very sensitive one and both Muslims and Non-Muslims put you there.

I reserve my other comments for now but wish you well sir.

Yours abrahamically,

Al-Monsur Bilai(Socrates).

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