INTERVIEW: Egbeda/Ona Ara Needs Reps Who Wouldn’t Seek Second Term To Make Corrections — Akinola, APC Aspirant

    Akinjide Kazeem Akinola, who hails from Olode Adetoun in Ona-Ara Local Government, has a bachelor of science degree in economics from the Nigeria Defense Academy. The versatile retired military officer is applying skills learned in the Nigerian Army to related careers in the corporate, government and political sector. With more than 14 years experience in the art of military leadership, he is presently the managing director of Triple Two oil and gas and solar gas, both oil and gas companies.

    In this interview in his Abuja office with OYOINSIGHT.COM’s Publisher, Sikiru Akinola, the All Progressives Congress, APC, who has actively participated in various party assignments like APC primary committee in Zamfara State and as member APC presidential campaign council​​ in 2019; member, zonal supervisors for APC membership registration (South West); member security committee, Bayelsa state election ​in 2019; and member, security committee, Ondo state election ​in 2020, reveals why he wants to represent his people at the House of Representatives. 

    Why do you want to represent Egbeda/Ona Ara federal constituency?

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    I am vying to represent the good people of Egbeda/Ona Ara federal constituency in the House of Representatives because the people need a better representation at the green chamber; someone whose heart is close to the people and takes every plenary session in the house for the interest of the people. They need someone who understands the challenges of his federal constituency and is ready to proffer solutions from day one in the office without seeking for second chance to make corrections. I am that person who will fully represent Egbeda/Ona Ara federal constituency selflessly with great ideas that would bring focus of the federal government to aid the people in terms of empowerment, inclusion, social and work infrastructures in my federal constituency.

    But the incumbent is from your party. Why do you want to challenge him? How do you think you are better than him? Or what difference should people expect from you?

    Just like you said, the incumbent is from my party. Yes, he’s a friend. I believe he has offered his best to the Egbeda/Ona-Ara federal constituency. I am very happy you are a journalist; part of your job is carrying out fact findings. I will implore you to do your research to enable you see the difference or impact we have made so far and still making. I am not yet in any position. Many projects have been commissioned and many are still ongoing; we have made a lot of difference in areas of community/social amenities and human development which I don’t want to mention at the moment.

    Why do I want to challenge the incumbent?

    This is a democratic era; anyone is allowed to vie for any position regardless of who the incumbent is. Remember, the people of Egbeda/Ona Ara are the determinants of the best candidate at the primary and general elections. I want to tell my good people of Egbeda/Ona-Ara federal constituency to still expect more meaningful developments. We promise to continue what we are doing now in every community when we assume office as their member representing Egbeda/Ona -Ara federal constituency at the green chamber come 2023.  

    Your party is in crisis. Few days ago, Omodewu was inaugurated as chairman. Do you see the party reconciling before the election?

    There’s is nothing strange in having fracas in a leading political party. It only goes to show that the party is alive, viable and competitive. However; I have said this several times that APC stakeholders in Oyo state must come together for the overall interest of the party. Let’s all drop our individual ambitions and work as a progressive family that we used to be. I can assure you, in due time all issues will be resolved as what you see as a crisis will soon be resolved before the election by the members of the progressive family.

    What have you done to the benefit of your people in Egbeda/Ona Ara so far?

    I have answered this question when I mentioned earlier on the differences/impact we have made so far. Like I also mentioned earlier, you should carry out fact findings on what we have done so far to see the benefits. Apart from the community/social amenities and human development projects that we have embarked on (some have been completed and commissioned while some are still ongoing); one thing we have done that made us standout from other aspirants is that we have identified the problems of each community and proffered solutions. For example, the people of Gbedun, Agbomati and Erinmi— these are communities that use to face water challenges but now it has become history with provision of mechanized borehole. Our solar street lights project is near completion in other communities.

    I have setup an educational outreach programme that currently organizes tutorials for our youths and young adults who are preparing for the JAMB examination. In the same vein, I am giving out over 100 forms for free and also support the best 3 candidates from the jamb examination with annual scholarship offers which will soon be unveiled.

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