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Lowo Obisesan: When Businessmen Govern, They Think Of How To Borrow Money


A former commissioner for Environment in Oyo State, Mr. Lowo Obisesan says the person who would emerge victorious of the 2023 gubernatorial election in the state must be a politician and not a businessman.

Obisesan, a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, revealed this in an interview with Independent. 

He explained that position of the APC is that whoever is coming to be the governor is going to be a politician.

When asked whether what it meant was that the current governor, Seyi Makinde, is not a politician, Obisesan said: “To say the fact, we know that he is a technocrat, but tell me, what experience has he garnered before becoming governor?

“Is that not what have been clamouring for; to have persons who have made their marks in private businesses in public offices?

“It’s their own view; that is not what people are saying. The truth is that when you put businessmen in government, majority of them think about how to borrow money and at the end of it, make money from it, trying to make sure that they offset the loan and then, make money.

“Politics has to do with high sense of governance; somebody that knows exactly what the people needs and what concept to use to achieve that. If you say technocrats, they are people who have their distinct areas of specialisation. They could be people who have sense of business. Business does not go with politics. If you are a politician, you know that if you don’t do certain things for the people, you would not be able to win the next election.”

Reacting to a question about whether he trusts the capability of former governor Alao Akala to lead the party’s reconciliation committee, he said: “I have a lot of confidence in him. Many of us are making mistakes, saying he left PDP and came to the APC. None of us that is aged in politics cannot say he had not been in another party. The first election he won was in the All Peoples Party (APP). And at a time, some people were making the mistake that the late Papa Lamidi Adedibu was not a progressive. It is erroneous, a fallacy. He was the first youth leader of the Action Group (AG).”

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