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Kogi 2019: Pro-Makinde Group Asks Oyo APC To Cover Face In Shame


A group sympathetic to the incumbent administration in Oyo State, Seyi Makinde Movement for Good Governance, SMMFG, has said that it is shameful for the leadership of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in the state to criticize Governor Seyi Makinde for his role in the just concluded Kogi governorship election.

OYOINSIGHT.COM recalls that Makinde was the chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, governorship campaign in the confluence state.

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Our attention has been drawn to an unfortunate, insulting, derogatory and very insensitive press release made by the Oyo State chapter of the All Progressive Congress where they called for the investigation of Governor Seyi Makinde.

Our group, Seyi Makinde Movement for Good Governance(SMMFG) wouldn’t have bothered replying such nonsense that was obviously written by an enslaved, retarded and an imbecilic mind but for the purpose of putting the proper narrative in place

We find it laughable and amusing that the Apc that glaringly were the promoters of electoral violence, producers of vote buying and directors of vote rigging are asking for the investigation of Governor Seyi Makinde over his very peaceful roles in the elections

The undeniable fact is that Seyi Makinde went to Kogi and was attacked by the thugs of Governor Yahaya Bello.

Another incontestible truth is that Governor Seyi Makinde is an easy going man who believes strongly in true democracy and will not engage in anything that will jeopardize democratic values.

It is worthy of note that there are video and pictorial evidences that clearly shows the party and the candidate that main, annihilated, harassed and oppressed the people during the Kogi elections.

If there’s anyone that should be investigated, it should be the unpopular and unwanted Apc candidate that imposed himself on the people of Kogi.

It is highly imperative to say without mincing words that the senseless and faceless press release of the Apc is good for the bin because it is lacking in substance.

Engineer Seyi Makinde’s achievement in less than 6 months as the Governor has dwarfed all the achievements, actions and reactions of the former, infamous, unpopular, rude, crude, inhumane and wicked government of Isiaka Ajimobi.

It is obvious that the Apc cannot yet fully understand and comprehend the success rate of Governor Seyi Makinde and we want to tell them that Oyo state is in for a good time and APC will never rise again in our dear State.

Let me also offer as a free advice that Apc in Oyo State should not try to play with the minds and of the people.

Engineer Seyi Makinde is the choice of the people and any attempt to smear his name or project him in a bad light will meet harsh resistance from the people of Oyo State.

Thank you.


Samson Atilola

Spokesman, SMMFG

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