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Keep Quiet – Kudos To The Aides Of Mr. President | Alfred Asemota

Unlike in the past, the revelation of the content of the ministerial list went under wrap till the very end. While the consultations were discreet the final selection of the names was the height of secrecy. When the list finally made it to the public domain it had a domino effect laced with surprises.
The Presidential aides who worked with the President in the process and compiling the final list indeed deserve high praise for keeping the oath of secrecy required for their offices. Their ability to keep the content of the list out of the public domain has key benefits. Had they followed past trends there would have been pressure mounted on President Buhari such that he might have been compelled to drop some of the nominations that Nigerians are now commending him for making.
When one considers the pressure that must have been brought to bear upon these trusted aides of Mr President, it is commendable that they were able to overcome such, imagining the intrigues and temptations they might have been exposed to.
Visualize constant shuffling and bombardment from lobbyists and potential candidates to see the president through them. Yet they kept fate with Mr. President by not exposing the process of selection or revealing the final list of ministerial appointees.
All ministers-designate simply had to wait. We had to wait until Mr. President was satisfied and sent the list to the Senate leadership. Even when the list has been sent to Senate, when they could have blamed the legislative arm for leaking the list, they kept mum – even until last minutes when it was read in the Senate chambers.
We all know that being in the presidency or the Corridor of power is not a small privilege. It comes along with responsibilities. These close aides of Mr. President deserve some encouragement to keep working in the best interest of the country. They must give Mr. President their best devotion on a level similar with the assiduousness with which they treated the Ministerial list. It is often said that a chain is only as strong as its weakest point. So we should not take their services for granted.
The task of nation building is a collective one and every Nigerian has a part to play. The aides that worked on the ministerial list have shown how each citizen can contribute in their quota to this task. It does not matter where we find ourselves or what capacity we are opportune to serve the country, what has been made expedient by the handling of that list is to being to embrace the spirit of doing the right thing at all times even when the chance presents itself to do it differently.

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