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CORONAVIRUS: Makinde Apologises Over PDP Rally, Promises To Prevent Virus Spread


Adebayo Abdulrahman

Governor Seyi Makinde has taken responsibility for the lapse in judgment that led to the unification rally of the Peoples Democratic Party in Ibadan on Wednesday.

The Governor disclosed this in a statement released on Thursday obtained by OYOINSIGHT.COM regarding the situation of Coronavirus in the State. He stated that his administration acted based on the information they had at that moment but accepted that the rally should not have held.

In his words,I have received your complaints about the rally that was held yesterday, and I feel obligated to state in clear terms thatwe acted based on the information we had at that time. In retrospect, it should not have happened and I take responsibility for that lapsein judgment.”

He assured the people that his administration is doing everything within its powers and working with agencies of the Federal Government to prevent the spread of the virus.

The Governor stressed further that at the moment his administration had set up the Oyo State COVID-19 Task Force led by him. This task force will hold its first meeting on Friday, March 20, 2020, immediately after which the Governor will hold a press conferenceand update the public on decisions reached and implemented so far.

He added that the Free Health Mission which was launched onMonday, March 16, 2020, by his administration will continue. Thismission will be used as a vehicle for disseminating informationabout Coronavirus prevention and control.

He also stated that “as a people, we can take several measures tobeat this virus. It has been shown that maintaining proper hygienethrough frequent washing of the hands, scrubbing for 20 secondswith soap and water, and the use of hand sanitizers that are 90%alcohol-based, is a key way to prevent the spread of this disease. Iimplore all citizens to make these practices a routine and a priority.Social distancing is also highly encouraged.

The Governor then urged anyone who has shown any knownsymptoms of COVID-19 such as dry cough, fever, nausea, severeheadaches, difficulty breathing and tiredness to isolate themselves and call the following Oyo State Ministry of Health helplines: 08038210122, 08023229267 or 08073431342.‬‬‬

It would be recalled that OYOINSIGHT.COM reported how the ruling party in the State held a rally to welcome back new members despite Coronavirus threats that made neighboring states like Lagos and Ogun announce the total shut down of gathering of worship centers with more than 50 persons.

The outcome of the first meeting of the COVID-19 taskforce led by the Governor will determine whether the State will take similar measures to curb the spread of a pandemic that has already claimed the lives of thousands of people globally.


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