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CAUGHT: Ibadan Poly Lecturer In Soup Over Messy Sex Scandal


A lecturer in the Urban and Regional Planning Department of The Polytechnic Ibadan is currently in the centre of a catastrophic sex scandal. Events took a messy turn when the lecturer reported the matter to a police officer over the phone.

According to a leaked audio conversations, obtained by PMParrot, the lecturer fondly referred to as Alhaji, confirmed that the affected student, Nifemi Balogun was his girlfriend with whom he had regular unprotected sex until they broke up. He, however pointed out that one of the reasons that led to the break up was that the girl was lazy and loved taking “short cuts”.

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The lecturer alluded “there is nothing in her breast, private part. She is 27 and already has a child. There is nothing on her head.”

Perhaps the affair would not have blown open if Nifemi had not transferred the sum of N100,000 from the lecturer’s account. All codes of honour and reliability were immediately pushed aside.

PMParrot’s findings revealed that the girl had gone to sleep over in the lecturer’s house after complaining of a toothache. After the lecturer had, however, slept off, Nifemi made fund transfers from his phone and deleted the debit alerts almost immediately.  On finding out, the lecturer called her and asked that his funds be reimbursed.

Nifemi’s ‘mum’ was, however, on hand to speak with him; accusing the lecturer of failing her daughter twice so that he could continue sleeping with her. She also threatened to come to the Department to expose the lecturer. She accused the lecturer of sleeping with the girl despite the toothache that caused her great discomfort.

Not ready to massage his loss with sexual satisfaction, the lecturer tried to move a step ahead of his accusers and changed the game by involving the police.

PMParrot’s findings revealed that the affected lecturer sought the advice of one of his colleagues in the Fine Arts Department. The latter, who was once a policeman linked him up with one Bunmi, a female officer at the Police Headquarters in Eleyele, Ibadan.

In another leaked 17-minute conversation with the female officer, the lecturer opened up that the girl was his girlfriend and that he broke up with her because he found out she was an ‘olosho’ (a prostitute). He took time to explain how everything went; including how Nifemi had come to his house late that night to sleep over, how she complained of a toothache and how they slept in the room together. He told the police officer how the girl took his phone and made a transfer of N100,000.

He also explained that the money was from the rent of a property he was managing for his siblings. The lecturer disclosed that he found out when he tried to make a transaction and saw the balance. He said he went to the bank only to find out that Nifemi had transferred the funds to one Eze Oluwatosin’s account.

The Customer Care unit of the bank, (GTBank) called the said Eze, who confirmed that Nifemi made the transaction. The account was thereafter blocked so that it would be impossible to move the N100,000.

“When I called the girl, she owned up that she made the transfer. I asked why, and she said she was in Lagos and that we would talk on her return. I told her there was nothing to talk about, she should just return the money. She is 27 years old and she has a child”, he told the police officer.

“After I called, she agreed that she would return the money. She, however, called and handed the phone over to her mum who asked me whether a lecturer has the right to sleep with a student. She threatened to come to tell the Rector and leak it to the media. I put the phone on speaker so that my colleague would listen and I also recorded the conversation”, he told the officer.

Apparently in a bid to lessen the moral disaster, the officer pointed out that Alhaji should have denied the allegation. “You could have told her you were only helping her daughter”, the policewoman said.

She went on to ask whether any of his love messages could be found on her phone. He confirmed that he was sure there wouldn’t be any love message. 

“That one is clear, let them know you are only helping her and that you have nothing with her. You will deny the relationship, you don’t have anything with her”, the officer advised. Continuing, the officer said “even the day she came to your place, you will say your child that is in school came home that day from the North. You will say your child even pleaded with you to assist her. You will say you didn’t know when she did the transaction she did on your phone. You will say she came to you for assistance and you thought she was a reliable girl but at the end of the day, you discovered she was a cheat. You will say she doesn’t even know anything she has been taught and that you gave her questionnaire, she said she doesn’t have money. You will make up some things that will serve as a solid defence for you”.

When the police officer was told that the girl’s mother was coming from Lagos, she said “let her come, you come to Eleyele tomorrow, I’ll be in the office as early as 9 am. Her case will be done by the Monitoring Unit or Anti-Kidnapping or Anti-Corruption.  I will also advise that you to avoid girls like her. You will say she has been frustrating you all over the school. How can someone’s daughter steal money and she will say she is coming with her? Even the mother will be detained”.

The lecturer said he would look for someone that he would say was with him in the room that day just to prove that the girl slept in the sitting room that day because all my children are in school. The officer also advised him to say “she kept coming to knock the room door that she was having stomach ache and that you didn’t know she had another motive. You will say you reported the matter to the police authority because you did not want to take the law into your hands”.

When PMParrot contacted the Rector of the institution, Professor Olatunde Fawole, he confirmed that the case is already being investigated. “A committee has been set up to look into the matter and the committee has two weeks to submit its findings”.

Asked how the incident made him feel, Professor Fawole said “I feel very bad. We have been waging war against such and we are not taking it lightly. We know that there might be some others but I can assure you that we will track them down”.

PMParrot’s findings revealed that the committee is headed by a female lecturer in the General Studies Department of the institution.

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