Home News Buhari Has Failed, Lacks Courage To Tackle Insecurity — Gani Adams 

Buhari Has Failed, Lacks Courage To Tackle Insecurity — Gani Adams 



Aareonakakanfo of Yorubaland, Iba Gani Abiodun Ige Adams on Sunday said leadership is Nigeria’s biggest problem.

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Speaking shortly after his Ordination as an Apostle at the Saviour’s Ministries in Lagos, Iba Gani Adams blamed President Muhammadu Buhari on the security situation in the country, saying the recent abduction of about 600 students in a school in Katsina is a clear evidence of the porous security situation in the country.

Aare Adams said president Buhari lacked the courage to tackle the spate of insecurity in the country, declaring that the present administration under Buhari has failed to address the spate of insecurity in the country.

The Aareonakakanfo said with the present situation in the country, it is no doubt that the call for restructuring is long overdue in the country.

“There is no denying the fact that Nigeria is at a crossroads, because
the present situation in the country is a pointer to the fact that this government has failed. How can you explain the abduction of about 600 students in a school? It is saddening to accept this as a parent, but also ridiculous as a leader who knows much about what it takes to lead a country like Nigeria”

“The abduction happened in Katsina, the country home of the president, where he was presently on a week-long visit. It is absurd. “The whole event is a justification of the failures of the present administration under Buhari and Nigeria is in for a long battle against insurgency”

Adams, added also that Nigeria can not afford another case of Chibok in Katsina, stressing that the economic situation in the country, is hitting hard on the mass of the people.

I am not an economics, but from the economic indices available at the public domain, Nigeria naira has fallen badly to the United States dollars. It is a bad signal, especially, at this time of recession where the economy is slipping downwards. ”

Adams, however, advised President Buhari not to see the calls for restructuring as a threat, but a wake up call from patriotic Nigerians who are have sacrificed their time, lives and resources to make this country great”,he said.

Meanwhile, Aare Adams said his Ordination as an Apostle of the Saviour’s Ministries World wide (C&S) is a call to service, admitting that every human being is a tool in the hand of the most high God, saying at the appointed time, God will surely do the needful.

“By virtue of my position as the Aareonakakanfo of Yorubaland,my door is always open to everybody, either for Muslims, Christians and for the traditional believers.

” I am very grateful to the church for counting me worthy of this ordination. It started at my 50th birthday anniversary and since then, I think I have decided to do everything at my disposal to contribute my little quota to the progress of the church of God”

It is great working for God and humanity and you are all a witness to this event and I must add that I am determined to fulfill my destiny as a tool in the hands of the most high God”

In his remarks, founder of the church, His Eminence Solomon Adeniran Aluko, said the ordination of Aare Gani Adams and wife, Ayinba Mojisola Adams was a testimony of God’s favour in the life of the couples, declaring that the Adams family has displayed commitment and dedication in the service of the lord.

“I want to say it here that this wonderful family has, for a very long time, dedicate themselves to the work of God, and they deserve to be honoured and appreciated.

The cleric charged all guests at the church to reflect on the goodness of God and make amend in whatever ways.

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