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ANALYSIS: Tegbe In The Public Opinion | Adetola Oyesiji


In this analysis, Dr Adetola Oyesiji, writes about the interview that exposes the ingenuity of the most cerebral  aspirant in Oyo APC. 

Like an hickory nut that hides itself from common gaze until it is plucked out of its shell cover,  Engineer Joseph Olasunkanmi Tegbe has until recently when he appeared on a radio program lived a furtive life that speaks less of his person. 

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That changed abruptly as he just have to shell out his hitherto hidden competence which does not only reveal the vastness of his knowledge and diversity of his experience, but also blows the lid  his emotional intelligence and character  traits.  

The interview conducted by the one called Mayor of the South West political headquarters, Isaac Brown of Fresh FM copiously revealed  some untold stories about Engineer Joseph Olasunkanmi Tegbe, the lead consultant to a lot of programmed office of government at both state and national. It speaks further of the man’s intellectually stimulating life and his devotion to promotion of the welfarism in Oyo state.  

At the start of the program, the anchor man openly confessed his attraction to the high level humility of the scholarly Engineer, who in a wide sense is a practical politician. Tegbe himself buttressed this when he said about himself,  “TEGBE je eni ti ko jo ara re loju.” With his credentials which in the words of the anchor man is “massive ” and diversity of his background starting from engineering into accounting, auditing,  human resources, technology, and his new interest in law which he is currently pursuing vigorously, it is confounding to a lot of listeners, that while many people of far lesser endowments strut about in priggish hauteur,  Engineer Joseph Olasunkanmi Tegbe , a polyglot by all standard still exhibits the comportment of a common man and humility of a dove.  

When the story of his closeness to the governor and why it has been in the rumour mill that he is a” preferred  candidate, “Eni ti Ajimobi fe lo” was revealed to him on air,  the apparently elated engineer did not jump into emotion,  he replied as one who puts everything in the hands of God thus “concerning what you have been hearing from all quarters that I am his preferred candidate, I want to say that all power belongs to God.”

Even though Engineer TEGBE does not hide his closeness to the incumbent governor on whom he poured limitless accolades, he made it clear that he has been supportive of Ajimobi’s government in the areas of policy formulation and has deployed his sinews and talents to making the admiration works. Therefore,  when he says “I understand his vision and I understand his strategy,  but as a consultant, I stay behind the scenes,” nobody doubts the fact that as a leading member of the think-tank of the administration,  a political progressive in the making of Engineer TEGBE will quickly latch on to the policy continuation when he finally assumes office. And to allay all fears of anybody doubting his capacity,  he has this to say with no fear of contradiction “I have been working with this man for close to eight years,  I understand his vision, his strategy and his philosophy”. What more can anyone add? 

As a man who is well familiar with the inner workings of the government,  Engineer Joseph Olasunkanmi Tegbe is not alien to the terrain as he mentioned in the interview in a lucid term “whoever wants to succeed the governor should be competent, that person must be visionary, cerebral, courageous and of course, must be an indigene of Oyo State”. Engineer Tegbe is not found deficient in all the parameters he sets for a would-be  successor to Governor Ajimobi.  He has unknowingly put the crown on his own head.  His distinction is with a difference.  

Without subjecting the truth to further proof,  Engineer Joseph Olasunkanmi Oguntegbe stands on a pedestal higher than other aspirants.  

Speaking the minds of numerous listeners,  one Sani Olajide Sunday in a facebook comment says “I do listen to the interview and my take is that, none of the aspirants in APC can stand the CV of this man called Tegbe.” And just last Sunday, in his “Crossfire”, Isaac Brown belched out that “the entire Oyo State has been  Tegbelised”.  That’s exactly gauging right the mood of the citizens now.

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