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Minimum Wage: Seyi Makinde And His Covenant Imbroglio In Oyo State | Adebayo Mutalubi Ojo


The Federal Government  Act, the Minimum Wage Amended Act, 2019 just assented to by the President is not of general application in the entire country.

It was meant for Federal Government workers alone anywhere they may be in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

No state is bound by that Act as we operate a Federal  system of government.

When I referred to Senator Abiola Adeyemi Ajimobi,  HEK1, the Constituted Authourity himself as the father of the modern of Oyo State and also assert fondly that he is the best governor in Oyo State since the state was created in 1976. Some cynics, some  aggrieved persons who have misconstrued personal agitations to be administration matters, some pseudo right activists, some people whose usual ways of doing government businesses were totally blocked by his policies, some who could no longer make political career progress due to HEK1’s acts, political jobbers who were dealt with by him, those who failed to secure political tickets and appointments and or those he dropped off and threw into political wilderness and red sea for whatever reason(s),  those whom he denied political patronage for the whole 8 years that he reigned or for some part of the 8 years and those that who were caught by the stray bullets and or even real bullets of his tongues or his deliberate yabbis etc, have called us unprintable names that are not ours.

However, one must emphatise and sympathise with them because political prejudices and bias, mortal hatred and malice against HEK have overwhelmed their objective considerations of issues and inability to really study, know and understand HEK1 and accord him his rightful and proper place in the history of Oyo State.

I am so sure and convinced that their twisting and distortion of history as being presently being virally and maliciously spread around both offline and online about HEK1 is just ephemeral and passing phases as the true and authentic account shall soonest be properly done by posterity for all to see and read.

Pardon my digress, when we came into purposeful governance on 29th May, 2011 and HEK immediately hit the ground running,  we were faced with the similar situations that GSM will soon face in almost the same ways.

God is indeed great and wonderful. I never foresaw in 2011 at the onset of our government that history will at any point in time repeat itself in 2019 when we are bowing out gracefully from the office with our heads blushing and walking tall as HEK1 delivered on his electoral promises excellently to the people of Oyo State both indigenes and residents in particular and Nigeria in general. To God be the glory for the trail-blazing efforts of Messrs Restoration, Transformation and Repositioning also known and Mr. Quality Infrastructure but popularly addressed as The Constituted Authourity of our time.

Though I opted out of HEK1’s government voluntarily on the 28th May, 2019, I did not for a single day abandoned the Governor and the government as I continue to consult for him  and the government always, and even more than those who are ranking cabinet members of all forms.

Mind you and please don’t get me wrong whenever you choose to respond to this epistle of mine.

I am human, and neither an angel nor a Saint, likewise is HEK1, so we all have our failings and shortcomings since we are mortals and not God.

HEK1 must have offended me too either knowingly and unknowingly,  through his acts of errors and or commissions whether real, imaginary and or both. I must have also done same to him too. To me that is normal in the affairs of men and women as conflicts are unavoidable part and parcel of human existence.  It surely happens among wives and husbands, parents and children, in domestic and communal relations, businesses, religious associations, and among nations of the world.

But there must be resolution of conflicts from time to time among decent people, governments and nations,  even between God our Creator and us who are His creations.

We were even taught in my HSC class at Oyo State College Of Arts and Science, OSCAS, by my reverred teacher and worthy mentor that POLITICS itself is all about CONFLUCT and CONFLICT RESOLUTIONS.

I would have committed an unforgivable sins before the Almighty God and posterity if I join my political jobber friends and colleagues to conspire and orchestrate ungodly,  dastardly and devilish plots they executed to “destroy my Benefactor, Senator Abiola Adeyemi Ajimobi due MAJORLY and indeed MAINLY to their respective inabilities to achieve and realise their selfish and personal political goals and ambitions some of which are even inordinate as most of them even lack the capacity for the offices and callings that politics and political maneuverings had thrusted on their laps undeservedly when HEK1 came on board in 2011.

Some of them threw caution to the winds and employ all of forms of antics and ploys to tackle and fight HEK1.

Some even use their God-given wisdom and profession in most unprofessional manners to run HEK 1 down by means of cheap blackmails, subtle threats and resort to writing malicious articles, features, editorials, false and untruth media interviews, editorials, advertorials, sponsoring and instigation of students’ and unions protests etc to bring his government down but they failed woefully as he runs his unprecedentef full term of 8years smoothly.

HEK1 doesn’t suffer fools gladly as he is a master strategist in and out of office which really aid him to deal decisively with all their shenanigans as they unfold.

But unknown to most people as he doesn’t flaunt it or boast of it at all, he is very compassionate and extremely generous.

They would vilify and abuse him broad daylight but would sneak into his house or office in the dead of the night either in Nigeria or abroad to apologise to him and beg him for money and all sorts of assistance which he (against my advice at all times that one doesn’t empower his enemies) will still oblige them and lavish on them gifts and whatever they requested to satisfy their fake problems which they would have  presented before him.

Whenever they are broke and out of cash or fund again,  they would return to their old style of attacking HEK1 again and again in that cycle.

I stand before God and man to say I did not at anytime make a SINGLE request from HEK1 for myself, family and law firm.

Rather, I have assisted a lot of human beings who approached me to help them, to seek financial succour and other favours from the Governor and the government which requests I always acceded to if I am convinced that they are genuine and the governor has NEVER for once turned down my interventions on such various occasions and circumstances.

It is pertinent for me to add that that I did not at anytime collect and or demand or receive a dime as commission from those people whenever I intervened on their behalf.

Also, I make bold to say that I NEVER GOT OR EXECUTED ANY CONTRACT throughout out the 8 years tenure of HEK which shall come to a glorious end on the 29th May, 2019.

Please don’t get me wrong, HEK 1 always give me good money of various currency denominations, but they are always  UNSOLICITED.

Let me correct myself, HEK1 only gives me money in naira and dollars just like those political jobbers and charlattans too, but  who will sooner than later turn around to insult and abuse him.

I was well brought up by Godly, religious and ascetic parents who taught and impacted in me decent behaviours and life of impeccable integrity.

I shall be insulting their great memories if I had become a co-travellers of those conspirators and men without honours and self-fulfillment because my parents always told me during their earthly sojourns that, I MUST ALWAYS APPRECIATE THE BLESSINGS THAT I RECIEVE FROM GOD AND FELLOW MEN AND THAT I MUST NOT BE AN INGRATE AND OR UNGRATEFUL LOT LIKE THE PEOPLE OF THE BOOKS AND POLYTHEISTS MENTIONED AND CURSED IN THE HOLY QURAN. May Allah continue to forgive my parents’ shortcomings while in this sinful world and also to continue to make them inhabitants of aljannah fridaus. Amen. I thank them  for my decent upbringing.

Back to those ungrateful lots, most of them were even nominated for the governor by the political party and their political leaders in 2011 during the rainbow coalition. Incoming Governor Seyi Makinde, GSM, shall also suffer similar fate and I am neither cursing him nor being pessimistic.

GSM’s success which I sincerely doubt greatly shall depend on how he is able to frontally confront those hawks in the first 100 days as he is even unlucky to have in around him unlike us, not only hawks (we have only hawks) but also hyenas,  crocodiles, venomous serpents, etc. But GSM is also fortunate and lucky to have very few doves and human Solomons & Daniels around him whom he should make the foundations and pillars of his government if he wants to succeed. I will only name the best of the pack who is the Deputy Governor elect, Engineer Remi Olaniyan, FNSE, who is a seasoned and experienced public officer of impeccable track record and integrity.

I pity GSM but I sympathise with our mob voters in Oyo State more and we must all be persistent in prayers and supplications to whatever we believe in if we truly want GSM to succeed.

The signs that I am seeing before me and the handwriting on the wall including the body language of all those who colluded, conspired, aided, and plotted with GSM and PDP to wrestle powers from the APC led government and HEK1 are all very ominous and starkingly gloomy.

May God always be there for us always in Oyo State and Nigeria.

Before,  I go back to sleep as I am already dozing, I want to repeat and add that for GSM to succeed in confronting the herculean task of the government of Oyo State, he MUST seek constant guidance and direction firstly and most importantly from  God. After, that he should make HEK1 his trusted confidant and his brother and friend who had in GSM’s previous aspirations always supported him greatly- Oloye Adebayo Adekola Adelabu Penkelemesi from whom GSM and PDP snatched their current victory.

It is well with all of us and our dear state. Amen.

Mutalubi Ojo Adebayo Esq.,

The Immediate Past Hon. Attorney-General of Oyo State

Dated at Abuja, this 2nd day of May, 2019.

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