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Hijrah Holiday: ‘You’re An Evangelist In Power’ — Oyo Muslim Community Writes Makinde


The Muslim community in Oyo State has expressed its displeasure over the failure of Governor Seyi Makinde to declare a public holiday to mark the commencement of a mew Islamic calendar.

OYOINSIGHT.COM had earlier reported that Makinde has failed to declare a public holiday to mark the beginning the hijrah calendar since he was sworn-in in May last year.

The failure of the governor to declare a public holiday implies that he has again failed to fulfill one of the campaign promises he made to the people of the state that he won’t cancel hijrah holiday in the state.

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The Muslim community of Oyo State expressed its displeasure over the governor’s action in a statement signed its chairman, Kunle Sanni.

The letter read: “Muslims in Oyo State in agony that our fantastic Christian Governor Seyi Makinde has jettisoned the First Of Muharram holiday granted us by the epitome of Religious Justice Ishaq Abiola Ajimobi (May Allah bless his gentle soul). Political Prostitutes within the Oyo State Muslim Ummah said Makinde was from a Muslim Family. He sent people to hajj and built Mosques.

“We referred them to Qur’an 2; 120,
The Jews and Christians Will Never Be Pleased With You…

“Seyi wears no cassocks but is certainly an evangelist in power. I offer my cap for his political sagacity and the use of Muslim sycophants. The Holy Quran didn’t mince words in the Holy Qur’an.

“The hypocrites would be at the deepest place in hell fire where they will have no helper.

“Are we protesting? Yes, but I know it is a waste of time. Is it necessary and not extremely fatuous to be talking to the deaf?

“Makinde is planting wind he would certainly reap the whirlwind. He is not a student of history but one thing is certain which he himself has acknowledged publicly.

“The numerical superiority of the Muslims. Nobody has lost a fight for justice. It may be prolonged but it would be won at the end of the day. You will hear from us soonest.”

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