You Abandoned Us, Your Constituents Since 2019 — Ogbomoso South PDP Replies OYHA Majority Leader


    The People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Ogbomoso South Local government chapter has replied the majority leader, Oyo State House of Assembly, Sanjo Adedoyin that it was his constituents and members of the party who rejected him and not Governor Seyi Makinde’s chief of staff, Segun Ogunwuyi, who is responsible for his predicament.

    OYOINSIGHT.COM learnt that Adedoyin had allegedly been attacked yesterday in Ogbomoso.

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    In a press statement signed and made available to newsmen by the publicity secretary of the PDP in the local government, Femi Adeniyi, he said the reason why the lawmaker was denied access to the meeting venue was because he completely abandoned the people that sent him to Ibadan.

    He said “For close to three years, he went missing, only for him to show up this weekend to say he wants to attend the party local meeting for the first time since he was elected.

    “The people knew his intentions. Because the primaries is three months ahead, he want to cajole them again, that’s why those he abandoned turned against him and showed their anger.

    “Also, recalling past events, he came exactly a year he attacked members of the party by sponsoring touts who shot six members of the party during the March 8 chairmanship primaries.

    “As a political party, we’ve tried all possible means to curb him from engaging in anti-party activities in the past but he turned deaf ears, so he should not drag the name of our respected leader, Otunba Segun Oguwuyi into the mud. As someone whom the people laboured for day and night before he emerged in 2019, let him show the world his achievements in close to three years.

    “Ogbomoso South has seen the light; gone are the days when you turn what is meant for the people to yourself. So if someone who did not perform reaped his consequences, what’s the fault of our leader, Otunba Oguwuyi.

    “There have been others before him, who have set standard but he thought he can buy the masses with money.

    “Sanjo Adedoyin has failed and he has been rejected. He came pleading to we members of the Local executives but we told him he did not offend us, he should find a means to present his plea to those he shot at last year. If he knew he did the right thing why was he begging us to allow him attend the party meeting. Left to us, he has ceased to be a member of the party, because he has never attended the party meeting both at the local government and ward level, and the constitution of the party says for you to be a member of the party you must attend the party meetings and pay your financial dues.

    “It should be on note that he is not the first person who will switch side from the aggrieved camp or other political parties, but the people veted their anger on him because of his actions.

    “However the party is sounding him and his cohorts warning to never drag into mud the name of our respected party leaders as such actions can push the party to take legal actions against him.”

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