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Lekki ‘Massacre: Between Believable BBC And Spurious CNN | Maroof Asudemade


CNN is a private broadcasting news channel founded by Ted Turner. The globally recognised news channel has always been in the forefront of projecting anything African nay Nigerian in unpleasant lights. No pleasant report about Africa and Nigeria attracts CNN; every item of news aired on CNN about Africa/Nigeria is about gloom and doom. The so-called Lekki massacre appeared to have dropped a ‘tenable’ reason on CNN’s laps to cry wolf where there’s none in Nigeria.

Today, a video went viral of CNN’s investigation on Lekki shootings. The said video unfurled the tongues of the sympathisers of Lekki ‘massacre’, careering over social media that the CNN’s investigation had vindicated them that there was a massacre at Lekki. How more obvious can it be that those sympathisers watched the said video in a delusionally emotional state of mind! If the CNN investigation captured in the viral video has done anything, what it has succeeded in doing is to reduce ‘cries of massacre’ to ‘cries of few killings’ as it’s said in the reports that two or three persons were said to have died.

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There was no CNN correspondent at the scene of the Lekki shootings. The channel relied on self-professed  photo-video-journalists who doctored videos and manipulated pictures to create gory impressions of a massacre. It took CNN twenty-eight days after Lekki incidents to piece together pockets of deliberate manipulations of facts from blurry witnesses to conduct investigation and release the video.

Premise from the view of Lekki massacre sympathisers on BBC:

BBC is a publicly owned broadcasting station founded and owned by the British government. Nigeria was a colony of Britain, a current member of the Commonwealth and an ally of the Britain, especially that President Buhari seems to be in the good book of the Queen!

Their conclusion:

Therefore, in the spirit of association, if by colonisation, BBC has a good reason to spin news and reports in favour of Nigeria. BBC must do the bidding of the British government and since Nigeria is a member of the Commonwealth, British government must be in cahoots with Nigerian government in an attempt to hush Lekki ‘massacre’.

Why BBC is Believable on Lekki Incidents

BBC had her correspondent on ground in the thick of occurrences at Lekki tollgate. The lady correspondent captured every scene of the incidents and she reported same when she was interviewed live on BBC’s news bulletin few days after the incidents. The lady correspondent confirmed that: soldiers shot upwards not directly at the protesters, there was no dead casualty except a guy who was unconscious but still breathing. Other reputable media organizations which had hurriedly confirmed the ‘massacre’ without verification had all recapitulated and tendered apologies for reporting unconfirmed stories of massacre.

To the sympathisers of Lekki ‘massacre’, those insisting that there was neither a massacre nor a single death are conscienceless. Their sin for which they are being cursed is that they refuse to waste their mourning over fakeries. It’s however confirmed that they are a people blessed with excess milk of human feelings. Once it’s established that even a single soul died at Lekki, it’s then the sympathisers will know that they are better mourners. They just want to mourn sincerely. They don’t want to mourn in advance and in vain!

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