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Will Ogbomoso Vote Honour or Be Pawns in Akala Selfish Bargain? | Samson Ladele


•It’s time for ‘Ó tó gé’ in Ogbomoso_ 

If there were no history backing the bravery of Ogbomoso and the courage of its people, it could be naive to resign to the regrettable pain to trade the future and fortune of the people for a pot of soup.

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Way back, the legendary Soun Ogunlola and the ‘invincible’ Aare Samuel Ladoke Akintola, a man whose feats resonated in the political space while he breathed and also many more astute men and women of honour are attestations that the Ogbomosos are not just warriors but no fools.

Perceptive and honourable, they have shown over the years how supportive a people could be in embracing leaders of courage and vision to stand in the gap for their interest which explains the sheepish following always extended to its kinsman and former Oyo State governor, Otunba Adebayo Alao-Akala, but the later seems to be dragging that luck too far.

Just while explaining away his naivety over the ill-fated but selfish embrace of the All Progressives Party, APC, a platform where the governor, Abiola Ajimobi singlehandedly sniffed Akala out from, the Ogbomoso born former police officer could only hoodwink his supporters that Rashidi Ladoja, said only an Ibadan man could become the Oyo State governor.

This was at a time only Akala, himself a former governor was leading the Ogbomoso and largely Oke-Ogun supporters to wrest power from the APC’s grip in the March 9 governorship polls.

Maybe one should ask Akala that now when he’s pulling his weight behind Adebayo Adelabu of the APC, there could have been a miraculous discovery of Adelabu’s birth certificate as an Ogbomoso born. Is Ladoja not right and whose interests are there for Akala to protect?

The adage, you can’t fool a people all the time is apt here. Who does Akala feels he’s fooling; himself, his gullible diehards or the Ogbomoso people? The die seems to have been cast.

From pundits report, the Action Democratic Party, ADP’s candidate who just sold his birthright at Bourdillon would have to nominate his goons into cabinet and get a leeway out of the N11.5 billion corruption trial involving himself and two other associates.

However, for people of memories, when in Osun state last year the APC approached Iyiola Omisore, a man they serially blamed for the killing of the late Attorney- General and Minister of Justice, Chief Bola Ige, of all the overtures made to Chrisore, which of them have been fulfilled and has Omisore regained his support and solidarity of the people of Ifes again.

Men can learn to choose between honour and pecuniary benefits, although it is a known fact that honour rarely get a seat in our political arena here.

Omisore’s dynasty has grinded to a full stop in political circuit of Osun state, not to talk of Ile-Ife where he used to be the commanding officer in politics.

Unfortunately for Akala, the Ogbomoso I know is a town of integrity where voice of oppression will never stand against the value and collective interest of all.

Both their young and old are warriors. They make decision even in the presence of oppressors. They are so smart that not even their blood can trade them for token. Akala is about to set a new political history for himself and sure he would live to lick from the woulds of his greed and indiscretions. Now, who will save Akala from Akala, the Ogbomoso people will. Not again will the loose appetite of one overshadow the demand of all.

In the absence of Akala, Ogbomoso people have adopted the candidature of Engr. Seyi Makinde of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. It is good that Akala has shown he was never serious about this ab initio, but wanted an ADP card to play another spoiler like Omisore. 

But the PDP flagbearer unlike the boastful and garrulous Adelabu has shown real connection not just with Ogbomoso but other towns and villages; in practical terms, elaborating on what he will be doing to restore LAUTECH to its place of pride, what he would do with infrastructure, education, health, agriculture and other sectors in line with his vision to broker a fresh beginning in his ‘Omi Titun – Fresh water’ mantra.

Will the people of Oyo State, including supporters of Akala allow a defining moment to get them napping or trapped. Only a decent obligations expanding the frontiers of responsible governance should stand as Oyo State decides for the next four years. No one should negotiate away their future for a morsel.

And now that like the Arab Springs, the ‘Ó tó gé’ wheel is driving fast, is it not right at this time, like a just referee in a decisive football contest raise up that red cautious outcry to Akala and fellow slave-drivers in the south west saying ‘enough is enough – ó tó gé é!

Akala must not succeed selling his people for billions of naira at the expense of their development. The fate of thousands must not be exchanged when the fortunes of his own son, Olamiju keep expanding and promising.

APC killed the commencement of operations of Ogbomoso Ultramodern Market;  APC is killing LAUTECH Teaching Hospital in Osogbo, can’t we have a rethink? Our people cannot be dummies in this game.

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