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Why There Shouldn’t Be Election In 2023 — Koye-Ladele


An Ibadan based Cleric who is also popular on the social media, Reverend Edward Koye-Ladele has called on Nigerians to boycott the 2023 general elections if truly they are serious about their agitation for a new Nigeria.

Koye-Ladele who was Aanuoluwapo Omorinde’s guest on IMPACT POINT – a weekly current affairs programme on IBR 92.5 FM, Ibadan monitored by OYOINSIGHT.COM, opined that election should not be the next agenda if truly a new order is truly desired.

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His words “honestly, if you seek my sincere opinion, Nigeria should not go to poll in 2023. There should not be any election”.

On how the nation will run without an election in 2023, he said “we should pause to fix Nigeria. Many things are wrong in Nigeria. We have been building on faulty foundation. We have been wobbling and fumbling and someone asks -is that not going to create a vacuum in government? There will not be any vacuum in government. We once had interim government in Nigeria though it was illegal. The only way
interim government could be legal is if it is given constitutional backings”.

“In this Country, we have seen the National Assembly instituting a doctrine of necessity to make Goodluck Jonathan Acting President in the absence of President Yar’Adua. Let them institute another doctrine of necessity to hand-over power to the judiciary which is the third tier of government to fix Nigeria for at least may be a year or two”.

“We have a Chief Justice who will man the nation at the federal level, we have Chief Judges of the various States who will man it at the various States with the Civil Servant. Let there be a Conference to fix Nigeria. If we are really a serious people, if we really desire a better Nation, we need to be decisive. What we have now is like building a cement house on a mud house, it will collapse”.

It would be recalled that the the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, has released the time table for the 2023 elections.

When reminded that the time-table for the election is out, he queried “for how long shall we do things wishy-washy?”. I think sanity should come on us now. Let us pause in 2023 to fix Nigeria. Let them hand-over to interim government. Let us discuss which direction Nigeria is going. If we keep saying can we do it, we can’t keep picking little little things here and there. We don’t have a system that can sustain the like of things in America”.

He insisted that restructuring must be given due consideration and immediately too.

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