Why Makinde’s Professed 2-0 Victory Is Not Cut And Dry | Okunlola Adekunle


    In politics, as in a game of football, all is not over until all is over. It will therefore be presumptuous and stand against logical reasoning to conclude that because, the present government came into power by defeating chief Adelabu Adebayo in the last state Governorship election, it is dead cert that he will once again emerge victorious in the forthcoming election. This is nothing but a wishful thinking.

    We are all advised as salient beings not to bask on an old euphoria ,rather build new time and cuts new tide for the past is gone and forgone . Time and tide wait for no man.

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    American English poet, T S Eliot buttressed this when he said “For last year’s words belong to last year’s language. And next year’s words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning.”  in a simpler term, to pave way for a fresh beginning, GSM should prepare to make an end- a close of a chapter.

    Unquestionably, GSM polled a total of 515,621 votes against Adelabu Adebayo of Apc then 357,982 votes, but prevailing mood at the moment provides a different scenario.

    Now, as an English man will say, the boot is in the other foot. People expected a total turn around from the Governor as he emerged but the expectation has turned to frustration. Embarking on White elephant projects when majority wallop in abject poverty, sleeping with empty stomach is now the order of the day.

    Hardly had the masses heaved a sigh of relief when GSM became Governor that his tenure would usher in a social order that the truth of insecurity become to dawn on them. For instance, Some thugs allegedly in a coordinated attack recently stopped the on going bridge construction in Apete at the instance of Alhaji Yunus Akintunde the Senatorial hopeful of Oyo cental under APC . Residents wailed and bemoaned to no avail, a government that is promoting thuggery in the State.

    Things are so bad that when some large hearted individuals could no longer live with the level of dilapidated roads in their domains, they have now resort to fixing them at their own expense. Notable example is Engineer Dotun Sanusi who is putting touches on some roads that have become death traps.

    Needless to say that Some party gladiators that worked for the emergence of the Governor had parted ways with him. . These people who took the bullet s for him to be the Governor were for the reasons best known to him shown a way out of the party, the PDP.

    Also, former Deputy Governor, a staunch Muslim, was able to get sizable votes for GSM because of the Oke Ogun people who saw the ticket as Co owned .its no longer a fresh news that Engineer Olaniyan and his supporters had also left the party when the tide was turned against them.

    But the merciful God doesn’t leave his people in the lurch.Like the cool breeze that blows from the back ,TKf has now come to rescue the state’s sinking ship…

    This is the Great expectation, Oyo state people are clamouring for.as the next Governor.

    So, you can see why 2-0 by the noise makers, is a mere figment of their imagination . Time we surely tell.

    Okunlola Adekunle is an Ibadan based public affairs analyst.

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