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Why Hoodlums’ Strikes Are The Results Of Political Misdeeds And Rascality In Oyo Town | Babatunde Titilola


It has always been the case that for every effect, there is a causal element. No outcome exists independently and outside a triggering event. With the acceptance of this fact, looking at what was and what is thus become easier in the bid to discover the contributing factors that led to the occurrence of any incident. The case being that, the past must have held some sort of clue regarding a current situation which then forms the foundation and connecting ground as to why something happens. In the face of such occurrence, the best is to take a deep peek at the past.

The existence of hoodlums in every society is not some mystery that has not been demystified. Whether for good or otherwise, there is the continuous proof that it is an irremovable attachment to the society. For whatever reason, it is rather absurd that groups of gangsters are something to mention in the course of explaining the society and governance. There is no sanity whatsoever in the acknowledgment of people whose lives are manifest of illegality and violence. Since it is now the case that respect must be given to whom it is due, necessity calls to check as to why they are such heavyweights.

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There are a lot of cases that point to the truth that politics in Nigeria is yet to experience the transformation due for the 21st century political age. With the national political arena still experiencing violent engagements, the hope for state politics to grow progressively is not yet conceived. As the case has always been, hoodlums are employed for most, if not all political engagements. To a certain extent even, the deciding factor to consider political superiority lies in the strength of your force and the amount of violence and illegality you can wreak as a politician. The election period is the best time to see this play out.

Every politician believes in the ability of hoodlums and the nature of the service they can render. The extent of this belief can be equated to the trust he has on the people to vote him oreven greater. So, in his political reasoning and tenders, there is a place of the people and of the hoodlums. There is a chance to trust the sanity of law abiding supporters and there is a time to take recourse back to violent interpretations of interest. The recognition, empowerment, and reverence enjoyed by hoodlums during this period then form the strength for their subsequent violent streaks. In a simple case, the power a politician confers on gangsters, rules over everybody else.

There is no way violence and illegal activities will not spring up in the hands of gangsters. The most favorable season for them is during the elections when their masters are ready to feed them 24/7 and provide all they need to the utmost level of satisfaction. After then, they are bound to go back to being street hustlers. No one can endure struggle for so long without redirecting his ways to something that brings relief. Giving in to what they do best, it thus becomes the case of satisfying the thirst for violence.

The false social and political relevance associated with muggers is what rises to the level of exerting authority and superiority of territory. In the course of living large and wild as the most dreadful group of gangsters in the town, challenges are encountered. Other groups interested in the position set out to move up in the hierarchy. As a result, there are series of threats, death traps, and eventual turf wars. Since the groups are backed by politicians who somehow see the need to feed and sponsor them for their political interests, all the instruments of violence are provided. What follows is the breaking news.

Since politics appreciate the contributions of hoodlums to its sustenance, no other party should be guilty of the continuous eruptions of their bad habits than the politicians and office holders who feed and support their movement. A distasteful example is the report of thugs employed by transport management system in the town to en-force the sale of “tickets” for bike riders. In the days that followed, the experience bike riders suffered in the hands of the thugs sent the whole town into dreadful shivers. Reported are the cases of extortions, threats, harassment, beatings, and eventual retaliations by the bikers that led to a few hours of social unrest and disruption. A clear example of management misdeed.

Setting up hoodlums as social and political contractors will do no good. The fears overshadow the supposed satisfaction derived from jobs completion. The best form of interpretation is the unlawfulness and violence associated therein. The existence of gangsters and recurring violent outbreaks is the fault of the politicians and that of a failed government.

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