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Who Shared That Video Of Ajimobi’s Widow?| Oluwatoyin Adeyemi


Whether it’s the All Progressives Congress, APC, guys or even the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, guys, I consider that singular act inhumane and callous.

I really do not know what anyone is trying to achieve by sharing that video, whichever way, both parties have failed.

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Everything is not politics! This Ajimobi’s death should at least have taught us the lesson that life is transient. It’s the legacy we leave behind that really matters.

I tried to understand why that video was posted and I realized it’s still politics. It could have been the APC guys, maybe they want to show that this administration has been insensitive towards the late former governor’s family. It could also have been started by the PDP guys who wanted to show us that Ajimobi’s wife was rude to the deputy governor. Whichever way, both of you have not done well.

I am sick and tired of your politics! The way you politicize everything. It is apparent even the APC guys didn’t really care about their late leader’s family, I mean if they were the ones that made that video public. Haba! this is a woman who is still traumatized by the loss of her husband and you are busy sharing her video up and down. That can’t be right!

The truth is we are tired of your propaganda. Both PDP and APC have failed us. When last did you visit Adeoyo? UCH is a shadow of itself. You should go and see how degraded our public health sector is.

Our roads are still in a chaos. People are selling goods on the main road. Come to Eleiyele Junction, Ojoo is getting worse everyday. Commercial vehicles park on the main road to pick passengers.

The Covid 19 numbers keep climbing everyday in our state but there is still no proper enforcement structure for safety precautions in place. Nobody is using face-mask. No social-distancing observed anywhere. Who is fooling who?

I won’t mince words this morning, people are tired of you politicians. All we want is to enjoy the real dividends of democracy. As a young person leading these stupid conversations politicizing every issue online, can you say this country is in a situation you are proud of?

Are you gainfully employed? What about your family members? Are you not like the proverbial one rich man in the midst of six poor men, are they not all poor men? Even if you have benefitted so much from politics or politicians, can you sustain the wealth you have made in this chaotic economy?

I believe that Ajimobi didn’t perform as excellently considering the fantastic blueprint his administration had because a lot of looting of public funds went down in that administration. Yes, so much money that could have been used to execute public funds were stolen which was why many of Ajimobi’s brilliant plans never materialized. Who was stealing what is what I don’t know though! But that man did set the frame-work for real development in Oyo State. You can take that to the bank.

I must quickly add to the above assertion that I am worried that Seyi Makinde may end up the same way Ajimobi did if he’s not careful. He will try but just like everybody has been saying, this ‘softness’ where public policies are just made with no serious mechanism to enforce it will be his greatest undoing.

If the existing civil-service structure we have is not torn down and re-built, we will be in a worse mess after Seyi’s administration. This current structure where you have people who are not committed to bringing about any major change or leaving a good legacy in charge of public agencies is not a good sign.

His excellency Sir, please have a serious meeting with your commissioners and head of agencies, let them know their deliverables, make them understand that they will be relieved of their duties if they don’t deliver on them.

We already saw what happened with the UCH Covid 19 fund, OK, they have found eight something million, but where are the remaining funds? You see, the haphazard manner in which we run government is why this country is still this backward. Our government agencies, institutions are run very terribly. You have extremely incompetent and unqualified people at the helm of affairs in many of our federal-government owned agencies.

The other day, during this Covid 19 pandemic, here in Ibadan, in a federal government owned organization, the agency head called for a meeting of all members of staff who were close to 300 in his small office. No social-distancing was observed, many of the people didn’t wear face-masks. How do you expect that kind of person to make wise decisions for the progress of that organization?

My point this morning is that we are tired of this back and forth where we play politics with everything. Stop distracting us. Let us face the real issues. Once again APC has failed us at the federal level, PDP is not doing better at the state level. That should be our problem not a grieving widow!

Whatever Florence Ajimobi’s sins must have been, at least she wasn’t the one elected as governor, her husband was. And that man is dead now! Please let’s move on, a chapter has been closed, let us try to ensure that this new chapter is written in a better way!

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