WAR WITHOUT END: Life In Ìgàngàn After Fulani Eviction By Igboho


    On the eve of June 6, an army of Fulani marauders enveloped Ìgàngàn, an agrarian town in the Ibarapa region of Oyo State, killing 11 people in their sleep and burning multi-million naira properties to dust. Nine locals had a shave with death, suffering life-threatening deformities which some of them described as “worse than death”. Amidst the rumours of an imminent siege, FIJ’s investigative journalist Gabriel Ogunjobi visited Ìgàngàn to document how the survivors were picking up their pieces.


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    Ibrahim Adeagbo, 55, was in front of the two wholesale provision stores he was paid to guard when Fulani militias marched in. Death did not meet him there but in what was reported as a heroic fight to save his coworker.His colleague, 70-year-old Ramon Ewebiyi, was fighting some of the armed attackers whose immediate mission was to torch the Adolab Golden Heritage gas station, one of the places he was guarding, so that scores of huts nearby could be gutted in no time.Adeagbo and Ewebiyi were soon overwhelmed by the assailants and ultimately became sacrificial lambs. The assailants proceeded to other destinations after setting fire on two fuel pumps at the station.

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