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Vote Makinde, Reject Continuity Of Hardship, Poverty, Executive Arrogance In Oyo, Says Group


Less than 48 hours to the March 9 governorship election in Oyo State, a socio-political group in the state, the Oyo Kajola Group (OKG), has counselled voters in the state to elect the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mr Seyi Makinde, as the next governor of the state if they want a new regime of shared prosperity, freedom from external politicians and a government with human face.
The group, in a statement entitled “the many choices before Oyo State voters in Saturday’s governorship election,” maintained that Makinde presents the state with a credible alternative to the APC’s capitalistic, egoistic and anti-people governance, adding that with Makinde, the state would have a leader that “puts the people at the centre of his programmes and policies.”
In the statement signed by its media coordinator, Taiwo Ogunlade, the Oyo Kajola Group called on Oyo State voters to defy all the threats of violence and intimidation by the ruling APC, which is banking on federal might, thuggery and brigandage to force Adebayo Adelabu on Oyo State, by voting for Makinde “to entrench a truly people’s government.”
The group pointed out that Oyo State people, who have witnessed first-hand the reign of violence visited on different communities visited by the APC governorship campaign and their agents of violence, must not allow such party to gain power lest “they return Oyo State to the dark days of violence and brigandage during the reign of a former governor who is now the leader of the APC.”
According to the group, Oyo State voters should also not fall for the last-minute strategy of the Adelabu campaign and his Lagos godfathers to distance him from Governor Abiola Ajimobi at the eleventh hour, after promising a continuity of the Ajimobi government, which has pushed Oyo State into deep poverty, destroyed its education sector, abandoned the health sector and destroyed the hopes of the people.
“On Saturday, the people of Oyo State have many choices to make. They have to choose between Makinde, a true democrat with no allegiance to outside forces and the APC candidate, who was assisted by external forces to get the governorship ticket and is now being helped by the same forces to win at all costs. If they help him to do everything, they will surely want to help him run Oyo State and they will run it aground like Osun State.
“The Oyo State electorate will have to choose between Makinde’s breath of fresh air and people-oriented governance and continuity by Adelabu’s APC, signifying more of the same shame, woes, disregard for workers, traders, artisans and other professionals’ plights, general insecurity despite levying businesses and organisations heavy amounts under the watch of Adelabu as head of the Security Trust Fund and poor education despite several levies by the APC government.
“The Oyo State electorate would have to choose humility, good character and truthfulness personified by Makinde, who never deceived the public about his religion or policies over the arrogance, religious deception and policy inconsistency of the APC candidate. A man who practises one religion but suddenly lays claim to another because of politics; a man who abandons the core of his campaign built on the continuity of Governor Ajimobi’s government two weeks to election is a dangerous choice that the people must avoid.
 “On Saturday, Oyo State people must decide between Makinde, who has remained committed to the people despite losing several elections; giving scholarships and building lives and an APC candidate who has cunningly temporarily distanced Ajimobi, to whom he has pledged allegiance. If Adelabu, who is yet to become governor, can distance himself from Ajimobi, a sitting governor, who handed him the party’s ticket against all odds because the latter lost an election, what do you think he will do to Oyo State people if he becomes governor?
“One can go on and on, there are many reasons Oyo State people should reject Adelabu, but the biggest reason the voters should keep in mind is the need for Oyo State governor to be decided by Oyo State people so that its resources will not be ferried to Lagos to service the godfathers,” the statement read.

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