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The Leaders’ Lecture, Okeogun Agenda And Plato’s Epistemic Theory Of Leadership (1) | Isiaka Kehinde


Senate, like other great institutions have history of their own? This argument has long been invalidated and it has been generally accepted that great men make history for the institutions they find themselves. This is buttressed by Thomas Carley who posits that ‘history of the world are but the biographies of great men.’

When great leaders emerge in a country especially in a political arena, their tribes or creed always take a rear seat. What is of crucial importance is Competence. It usually work well when combined with other attributes of great men such as emotional intelligence, communication skills, listening ability and ability to be there for the people at all times etc.

This is why plato states emphatically that “best men should rule”. He considers competence as the most important factor for choosing a leader. Competence provides us the confidence to navigate the mindset of who is an extra ordinary leader. The pertinent question is “has he/she been tried with position before, how did he/she deliver?

This was contained in the leader’s lecture delivered by Senator Bryd Carley who was the only longest Serving Senator in USA. He served for 51 years before he died on June 28, 2010. More on this in the second part.

Therefore, if Senator Fatai Buhari is performing excellently, discharging his responsibilities well to his constituents and has learnt through experience the operational guidelines of the Senate, where he comes from does not matter. And if Byrd can serve for 51 years without anybody raising eyebrows, conclusively, the “Okeogun lokan” or other separatist rebellion should not be promoted at this defining moment when we are yearning for accelerated development.

Isiaka-kehinde writes in from Ibadan.
I think therefore I am.

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