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TEGBE: The Main Number Amidst The Cube Roots In A Show Of Might | Adeleke Adebayo


“Why should one know?  Why should one not deceive oneself? Man has always longed for the belief, not the truth” Frederick Nietzsche. 

It’s an unsettling fact that APC in Oyo state is in a route-match like a battalion of soldiers in search of gold. One will consider this an appropriate simile that reflects the rigorous and seemingly endless search for Ajimobi, s successor in Oyo state.    

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Also right is the fact that many aspirants have thrown their hats in the ring to wrestle for the covetous prize.  But how strong are these contestants?.  This question is very germane to avoid a mismatch so that the featherweights and a heavy weights are not pitched together under the same category.  Nothing can be more politically suicidal!

If Nigeria were a modern society where only people who can self-appraise and conduct a self SWOT analysis to measure their own strength and in all honesty know the limits they can go,  by now some of those jostling for number one seat in the race to Agodi government house would have found their levels and retraced steps.  On the surface that may appear as suppression of their constitutional rights to contest for any position they so desire, but in reality, it will separate the “boys” from “men” and enable the electorates to  stress less and ultimately make a wisest choice.  

At the last count, some serving commissioners and even the SSG in the current administration have signified their intentions to rule Oyo state.  Cresting this group list is Soji Eniade, Bimbo Adekambi, Azeez Adeduntan to mention a few.  Also in the same race and occupying the front row is Engineer Joseph Olasunkanmi Tegbe and coming from a distance is Chief Adelabu Bayo.  

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It needs no further explanation that pairing in the same race the combination of the aforementioned aspirants who are eminently qualified though, but having their competence honed into a specific area of specialisation e, g Health,  Accounting,  Administration etc with a polyglot of Engineer Tegbe ranking can only be possible in politics and never In other areas.  Even in Animal kingdom as George Orwell says, “some animals are more equal than the others.” Engineer Joseph Olasunkanmi Tegbe is a notch higher than other aspirants considering many factors some of which will be highlighted here for the purpose of this comparative analysis.

It’s however heart warming that all the attributes that put Engineer Joseph Tegbe on an unequal pedestal above other aspirants have informed his continuous soaring popularity and why the majority are rooting for him to dispense his wealth of experience and wisdom to move OYo state to the next level.  

Aside the fact that none of the other aspirants equals Engineer Joseph Olasunkanmi Tegbe in academic qualification, he is still second to none in possession of some sublimal values.  His consciousness of and deep understanding of his social milieu and interaction with the citizens with ease of identifying their aspirations and yearnings really proves that he does not only have theoretical solutions to their problems, living in him is an innate superlative machine to transform the vision into reality and the unrivalled potential to better the lots of the people who he has promised will make their government work themselves.  

Engineer Joseph Olasunkanmi Tegbe has diverse experience in the fields of Accounting, Auditing, Engineering,  Human Resources management, Cyber Security, Finance, Education development etc. A knowledge base which will gradually diffuse itself throughout the gamut of the system and bestows a similar correctness on every callings that can make OYo state the best amongst equal.  

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Some political pundits in the state have been reminding those who are currently serving in Ajimobi  government to perish the thought of bending history through their puerile attempts at stepping twice in the same river. The general consensus is that Engineer Tegbe has been playing advisory role to the government both at home and abroad,  he should come to the arena to actualise in concrete term what he has been doing behind the curtainns.  

In a gathering of the academia at University of Ibadan recently,  the subject of the proliferation of the aspirants from APC in Oyo state was in the front burner and a professor was quoted to have said ” TEGBE is the main contender in the race,  he is the main figure, others are, mathematically speaking, either the square root or the cube root of the number. They have to be multiplied by themselves more times to reach that number.” What the astute Professor was saying which even a layman with no knowledge of mathematics can easily get is that Engineer Joseph TEGBE is in many areas better than other aspirants.  Can anybody express a shred of doubt concerning this?  NO.

Prof. Adeleke Adebayo writes from Ibadan

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