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Tegbe Cares; God’s Own Project | Adeola Adelabu (Labzy)


When one is irredeemably committed to assist humanity and make positive impact in the society, nature has a way of being kind to such a fellow to achieve the obvious. Mogaji Joseph Olasunkanmi Tegbe aptly fits into this description. Whereas, he jostled to become the Governor of Oyo state under the auspices of the decrepit APC, God showed he had other plans for him by paving the way for him in the PDP to jostle for Oyo South Senatorial slot with little or no stress.

Today, the popularity of Mogaji Tegbe transcends party divides and. He is an household name in all major political parties in Oyo-state and beyond. Thus, he is best described as a true man of the people, a pathfinder and an illuminator.

As we approach another election cycle, the citizens perspective to electioneering has changed a lot. This time, personality and not the party shall be a major determinant on who carries the day at the polls. This is where people like Tegbe would reap bountifully the fruits of their good deed to the citizenry. Ohers who have, in their previous offices, displayed dismal performance, bad conduct, dismal performance, criminal records, miserly conducts, inaccessibility and related acts, shall earn due rewards at the polls.The citizens’ social and political awareness had risen beyong imaginable proportion. In the words of J.W. Gardener, “an average society cannot remain static, but, dynamic”. This favourable development is natural, but, accelerated by a human thoughts and deeds. Nigeria’s constitutional democracy is experiencing useful innovations on daily basis. One is elated that the citizens are keeping pace with these dynamics.

This is a good lesson for those whose only strategy and tactics lies in hijacking the party’s structure for their personal aggrandisement. In retrospect, this development is not strange in our chequered political history. Good references abound in the following; Former Governor Olusegun Mimiko opted out of PDP in Ondo state and defected to Labour party. The judgement of history was that the citizens reckoned with him and won the Governorship race in that year. Also, one of the Ubah brothers contested for a senatorial seat under the auspices of YPP in the Anambra state dominated APGA, he coasted to victory. Worthy of mention are the two similar cases of Late Abiola Ajimobi’s and senator Rashidi Ladoja’s political adventurisms in 2007 and 2011 respectively. In 2007, Late Abiola Ajimobi abandoned AD and AC for ANPP, he made significant impacts in that year’s general elections. ANPP was well represented in the Oyo State house of assembly by eleven legislators. Going further, Senator Rashidi Ladoja contested Gubernatorial elections under the platform of ACCORD party in 2011, but, lost that election. It is on record today, the party won reasonable number of legislative seats, both at the state and federal levels. The lists of similar scenarios across Nigeria’s democratic setting are inexhaustible.

Interestingly, Mogaji Tegbe has been well received in the PDP fold owing to his good track records of non-discriminatory approach to people irrespective of partisan interests, religion and ethnic nationalities in terms of philanthropic gestures. As it is now, he is still being courted by other parties. Consequently, the leadership of these parties have agreed on a perfect working relationship with Mogaji Tegbe during the forthcoming polls.

He gets perfect companionship in Governor Seyi Makinde whose performances in office is commendable. In the real sense of it, GSM has performed well in the development of human and non–human resources. He has provided jobs for the able bodied citizens; teaching and non-teaching, including the professional cadres in the civil service, prompt payment of monthly salaries and allowances to the Civil/public servants, including the pensioners. Backlogs of arrears of gratuities are being settled on regular basis. This is a big relief to the beneficiaries, judging from their past experiences. GSM has scored above pass mark in the development of social infrastructures, Viz; roads, electrification and sports facilities; Moniya-Iseyin, Iseyin-Ogbomoso, several township roads, Adamasingba sports complex, streets illumination project in Ibadan land and reconstruction of bridges, just to mention a few. While GSM’s records of achievements shall definitely play significant role in PDP’s victory in the Oyo South Senatorial District, Tegbe’s moral and social credentials remain the best when compared and contrasted with those of his co-contestants.

The take-away from the above illustrations and analyses is that our electoral process in Nigeria is granitating towards credible candidature, a step towards future attainment of independent candidacy. With the introduction of modern technology is eradicating electoral fraud in all fronts, INEC and the federal government deserves’ our commendation. There are positive signs that there is going to be a true reflection of the citizens wishes at the polls. It is therefore a strong signal to those nursing the idea of rigging the forthcoming elections to bury their plan and evil machinations.

Mogaji Tegbe and other patriots stand to gain a lot from the hitch-free polls. On top of it all, I wish to admonish all and sundry to reward the genuine patriots like Tegbe, who are seeking one elective post or the other with their votes in the 2023 general elections irrespective of their political parties.

My dear people of Oyo South Senatorial District, Mogaji Joseph Olasunkanmi Tegbe is an Omoluabi with competence. LET HIM REPRESENT US!

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