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Taiwo Adisa, UCH Land’s Ownership And Plot 48/48 Plots Imbroglio | Maroof Asudemade


These two issues need to be stressed and clarified.

The Oyo State Governor’s CPS, Mr Taiwo Adisa, was said to have called in on a programme anchored by Isaac Brown yesterday, interviewing the PRO, UCH, Mr Akinrinola, to ‘debunk’ the PRO’s claims that the state government did not give UCH any money but only bought some equipment which were worth less than two million naira for the hospital. In the course of exchanging words over who was right and who was wrong, Taiwo Adisa was said to have lashed out at UCH, threatening that the federal hospital had better face its business rather than interfere in governance that didn’t concern it. Mr Adisa was alleged to have threatened that the land on which UCH stands belonged to Oyo state and there could be consequences.

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In my opinion, I think Taiwo Adisa should be told that the land UCH stands on belonged to the Western region and it was from the Western region, not Oyo state, unborn at the time, that the federal government acquired it. As we speak, Oyo state is a host to UCH not its landlord! What manner of uninformed CPS serves Seyi Makinde?

With regard to Plot 48/48 Plots, it’s an issue that must be addressed and stressed with persistence. Today, one Diran Odeyemi, a turncoat columnist, was on Edmund Obilo’s programme, emphasizing lies that late Senator Ajimobi allocated to himself 48 plots of land at GRA, Agodi. He also asserted, wrongly, that Ajimobi family was hostile to Seyi Makinde because he refused to allow the internment of the late former governor on the litigious land.

Let it be known to Diran Odeyemi and those whose minds harbour dirt that:

1. the parcel of land does not amount to 48 Plots, the Plot No is 48! Plot 48!;

2. the area size of the land is 1.375 Hectares which translates to about 13 plots or thereabouts;

3. the said land was gifted to Senator Abiola Ajimobi by late Alh Azeez Arisekola who prepared a Deed of Gift to cover the transfer of the land;

4. the said land was sold to Alh Azeez Arisekola by Oyo state government during the reign of Alao-Akala in the sum of over seventy-eight million naira;

5. the person who should be accused of allocating the land to himself is Senator Rasheed Ladoja who was alleged to have arrogated the authority and ownership of the said land to himself.

As regards the proposed internment of the remains of Senator Ajimobi on the Agodi GRA land, though there is an existing law that corpses must not be buried in residential areas, exceptions have always been given to prominent public officials and private individuals to be so buried. The argument of Oyo state government for preventing the internment of the remains of Senator Ajimobi was that the matter is still in court as initiated by Senator Ajimobi himself and that nothing must be done on the land until the case is decided. What the state government mischievously hides is that no court injunction, sponsored by the government, has emanated from the court, stopping further work or preventing any action to be taken on the land while the case continues. Oyo state government and its agents are only being unintelligently defensive.

We have seen the clear difference between a pleasantly garrulous governor and a wickedly taciturn governor!

We must not allow these deliberate mischiefs from Oyo state government and its agents to thrive and fester.

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