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Makinde Wouldn’t Be Taken Serious If He Continues Talking Without Facts — Skimeh


Akeem Adeyemi, who represents Oyo federal constituency in the house of representatives, has said Seyi Makinde, governor of Oyo State, needs to be properly briefed by his aides before making statement.

Popularly known as Skimeh, the Oyo prince made the disclosure in an interview with Nigerian Tribune.

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According to the erstwhile chairman of Atiba local government,”I believe that six months is pretty too short to access a new government, particularly in a state like Oyo. Some of his policies are good so far; some are not too good. The prompt payment of workers’ salary is commendable.

“But a situation where a state governor makes pronouncement without proper information, only to cancel it the following day is not good, or a situation where the governor said that when a contract is awarded, certain percentage goes to the governor without proper check; for example, the Iseyin road contract was awarded by the Ajimobi administration for N7 billion and the governor said he heard that if Ajimobi awarded contract, a percentage goes to the governor, another percentage to the wife of the governor, etc.

“At the end of the day, he reviewed the contract to about N9 billion. Look at what happened on the circular road which is a joint project of experts to develop the first capital of the defunct Western Region. Unfortunately for our governor, he thought the road was being sponsored by the state governor. He went there and said he had cancelled the contract and they told him you can’t cancel the contract because it is not a government contract. They told him ‘we have gone this far, this is a Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement. Will you give us back our money?’

“Our governor needs to wait to be properly briefed and should not always rush to the press because it is not good for a governor to say one thing today and rescind it tomorrow. When a governor starts talking from two sides of the mouth, he will not be taken seriously,” he added.

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