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Seyi Makinde: Not A Long Honeymoon | Olutunji Timothy

Succeeding the first two-term administration in the history of the state, and considering several policies, programmes and projects of the outgoing government that lasted eight uninterrupted years, it may not be out of place if the government becomes a kind of benchmark to measure the performance and achievements of the succeeding governments.
Therefore, the incoming governor has got his hands full and needs to immediately quickly break the ground running. So, it may not take so long before people begin to make a lot demands, particularly having been seen by many residents of the state as the new savior.
The issues of the new minimum wage, salary/allowance arrears as well as those surrounding subventions to the state’s tertiary schools. The case is almost similar to situation eight years ago when Ajimobi resumed the office. The new government needs to handle them strategically to avoid love-lost from the workers and the electorate in general.
Mr Seyi Makinde is well-known as a philanthropist and has been engaging in various charity projects and progrmames for more than a decade now, but the situation cannot be the same now that he has assumed the public office. It will be a political trap as many opponents will allege that he is misappropriating the public funds.
Then, rules guiding public officials may permit such massive charity programme. Therefore, several residents of the state who had been endeared to new governor on the ground of the charity may feel disappointed, though ignorantly.
The new governor is a soft-spoken gentleman, the nature which might not be comfortable with certain considering character of the state. Oyo state people, in a way, love ‘extrovert’ leader and governance of state often demands regular information from the leader. Therefore, the new administration will do well with proper political communication, but must guide against information considered to be arrogant or divisive. Obviously, the state will not like a ‘silent’ administration.
However, Mr Governor must caution himself and his spokespersons against frivolous speeches.
Immediately, the result of the governorship was announced, a good percentage of the residents heaved a sigh of relief and just concluded that some of the policies during Ajimobi’s government have come to an end. Such included the weekly and monthly compulsory observance, public school charges, street-trading among others. Even, commercial motorists showed defiance to the union officials. Thus, populism should not make him to introduce policies that will eventually incapacitate his government. He should critically study the subsisting existing policies before introducing new ones.The outgoing administration has some number of major ongoing projects, which if neglected, will create eyesore and great inconvenience for the people of the state, for example road projects.
These also form another development which will demand immediate attention of the new government. Many residents are anxious of the state of security under the new administration. Thus, the new government must make security of lives and property a topmost priority.
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