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SALLAH: Tight Security As Ajimobi, Others Observe Eid In Ibadan


This year’s Eid-al-Adha prayers at the Agodi Yidi Praying Ground, Ibadan, held amidst tight security.

The prayer was led by the Chief Imam of Ibadanland, Sheik AbdulGaniy Agbotomokekere in company of other prominent islamic leaders, faithful and scholars across the state

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Speaking to journalists after the prayer, Governor Abiola Ajimobi reiterated that he will never allow the state go back to its gory state of brigandage and violence or let it to turned to what he described as ‘banana island’ of ‘animal farm’.

He vowed that in the last seven years of his administration, he has served humanity rightly without persecuting anybody but with the fear of God and respect for rule of law.

Ajimobi while taking a review of his efforts at the helms of affairs as the governor in the last seven years and two months noted that he was not moved by the noises that trailed many development policies and efforts embarked upon by his administration, noting that many of those who abused and insulted him while introducing the policies are now praise singing and applauding.

He cited the areas where he had brought developments to the state to include, education, socio-cultural, infrastructure, peace and security, agriculture, urban renewal, health among other, adding that he couldn’t have achieve the much without the help of God and support of the people of the state.

Ajimobi said “But by the time we came in, we met a state at the precipices and we needed to have a turnaround and in turning it around, we decided to have as our tripod of restoration that is to restore the old glory. When you restore, you must now transform. We have restored. We have transformed. And now we are re-positioning and re-positioning is always work in progress. You can never stop repositioning. Wherever we stop, somebody else will pick it up from there.

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“We have restored peace and security to the state and today, Oyo state is one of the safest states in Nigeria. Today, everybody could go through Iwo Road, Beere, Molete, Challenge and all these hot spots have now become very cool spot. All the red light areas are now the green light areas. So, for peace and security, we have achieved much.

“And you will see that as a leader, anytime you want to make a change, some people, enlightened, unenlightened, ignorant, mischievous will play politics with them, but a good leader must have the courage to go ahead. If you remember the Great Prophet Mohammed, when he was talking about the Almighty God to the people, they sent him away from his home town.

“So, anytime we, as leaders, head of government are trying to make changes, people talked but we forged ahead no matter what they say. We will never allow this state to become a banana state. We will not allow it to be an animal farm. If you see any state that is doing well in the world, it is that they have rule of law and they obey them. Everybody must obey the law. So, we thank God that we succeeded because we have adhered to law and order.

“The lesson I learnt from the sojourn in the last seven years that we have been running the government is that, one needs to fear God. If one fears God no matter the curses placed on him, so long he is working for prayer, such curse can never have effect on him and if someone does what deserve curses and when people pray for such an individual, the prayer cannot work for such a person. For me, no matter the curses, it can never affect me because I know I am working for prayers and not curses and I am serving the people wholeheartedly and I am happy that God will give us success.

“Finally, let me say that, what we are celebrating today is godliness and service to humanity. I believe, most sincerely that I have served humanity rightly as the governor of Oyo state. Never persecute people but follow the law and stick to it. Those who say you are wrong today, tomorrow they will see and let me end it by the world of Robert Thomas, he said, a good leader will take his people where they want to go but a great leader will take his people to where they ought to be and that is what I am doing for Oyo state.”

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