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Realities Surrounding Seyi Makinde’s Survival As Governor | Titilola Babatunde Dayo


In the wake of the approaching transition, people from different parts of the state have expressed their expectations from the governor-elect. I have heard some who argued to have helped in delivering one or two wards and in the overall campaign,establishing clear personal expectations. Indeed, they have tried and Seyi Makinde must do something for them”. 

However, circumstances that led to the emergence should not be discarded easily. Factors that may prove to be stumbling blocks to his administration do exist. 

— Coalition Parties

Although, those parties who merged with PDP may have recognized that they had no chance against the two giant parties of APC and PDP, but their agreement did not come so selfless without political instincts. There were bargains and fashioned out agreements. Seyi Makinde and his party must settle them for sure. We should understand politics to this level. What we can hope for is those agreements to be gentlemanly where their demands (before and after election) will not cripple or adversely affect the PDP’s administration.

— Oyo State vs Southwest

Governor Fayemi said southwest governors will embrace their PDP counterpart form Oyo State. This is nothing to be concerned about. He could not have said the opposite even if he wanted. Very few foresaw the realities that expressed themselves during the election. It was a complete takeover and what happened can serve as precedent in subsequent elections. Consequently, Oyo state has indirectly become PDP’s solid ground in the southwest and only redeeming performance can extend their rule. Will Seyi Makinde surpass his southwestcounterparts or will he be shut by influence or joint effort against him from opposition?

 High Expectations

If nothing else is part, masses’ decision to send Ajimobi and his cohorts parking was a potent factor that handed PDP a win. Just like in 2015, when Nigerians was fed up with Jonathan’s ill-rule and red-flagged him at the polls. The people of Oyo state spoke powerfully and APC was the scapegoat. The gods were angry and the sacrifices included the overhauling of the State Assembly. Seyi Makinde has not been in any public office so it was easy to assume or rather hope that he will perform better. Considering his antecedent as a philanthropist, he may actually be the saviour Oyo state need.  The big ‘but’ is the expectations of the people. Is the list not overly long? An overload on the government that needs to right the wrong of previous administration while also trying to fulfil its promises. While not put less pressure on him to perform to the best of his ability and probably give him a second chance if he performed well instead of laying tasks that may eventually overburden his administration.

— Empty Purse

Barely a month after gubernatorial polls, governor Ajimobi purportedly awarded contracts worth 30 billionto undertake various projects in the state. While this is laudable, but is it necessary? Having realized the exit of his party, the best time for him to award contracts worththat much is few months into transition. The question is for what purpose? To convince the people of his performance or to financially cripple PDP’s administration? Seyi Makinde who understood the implications made a public cry as against the unnecessary and motivated disbursement from the government’s purse and believe people buy into this reason too. It should not come as a surprise if it happens that the first problem Seyi Makinde will face is lack of funds.

Stories will unfold when the new administration begins. We should not expect ‘super-miracles’ in its performance nor that it should engage in immediate disbursement offunds seeing that there are businesses which the governor must first attend toLess pressure should be applied and time should be given to assess the situation of things. This is democracy but the people have to allow the elected leaders to govern in comfort and sound mind. He may have good plans but for long term benefits and overall performance, he should be allowed some breathing space.

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