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    When Fatai Abass received a message from YEAP congratulating him on the success of his application, he was over the moon. But when the bubble of his expectation got busted, he strolled into depression. For the record, Abbas is one of the staunchest supporters of governor Seyi Makinde. He has defended the governor both online and offline with the singular hope that the governor is on the right path. Like most others, he believes that the governor is especially sent to the youth of the state given that Makinde became a governor at the relative age of 52.

    Many assumed that youthful energy will be useful and helpful in transforming the state into a truly pace-setting one. Until the hope and optimism, and dynamism of most youths in the state came crashing down. Most youths especially the beneficiaries of YEAP are today left in quandary. The hope they had in the wake and aftermath of the problem is now dashed. I spoke with a few of them recently and they didn’t have good things to say about the failed promise of the governor.

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    But before I walk you through the outcome of my conversation with those disturbed and displeased youth, let me talk you through the biggest of the youth-oriented program by the state government. Initiated by the administration of the late Abiola Ajimobi, the Oyo state youth entrepreneurship in agribusiness project was intended to pursue inclusive agribusiness training by empowering youths to benefit from emerging opportunities and transformation processes across the agricultural value chain. And in 2021, the first set of youth under governor Makinde went to Nasarawa state for training. When the application form for the training was released, its process was rigorous. You have to apply through the internet with your details. In fact, you will have to write about your business plan so that officials of the program will be certain that they are not empowering someone who has no idea of what the program was about.

    The process apart from being rigorous was also tedious. It’s practically impossible for a political bootlicker to get benefit from the program unless he’s weathered various storms deliberately planted on his way. At the inception of the program as well, beneficiaries were promised a seed capital of about N300,000. In addition to enjoying free accommodation, free meals, and free transport for two years, many of the beneficiaries assumed their respective lives is about to be transformed by the Midas touch of governor Seyi Makinde until the other side of the governor happened to them. Later, the program became widely opened for every tom, dick, and harry. In fact, the incursion of all manners of people into the program without following due process made a big mess for the first set of beneficiaries. Most of them wondered what the essence of the process they strictly followed had to do with the outcome of the program. In other words, the program became essentially an avenue for political leeches and lickspittle to enjoy the pecks of power.

    “I was hopeful the program and its promise would be worth it,” Kunle John told me “But now, almost two years down the lane, nothing significant has come”. Just like the rest, John is disappointed that the same set of people who promised them heaven and earth has returned to tell them of the promise of the second term. “We thought things would change as we approach election” Saheed Ajagbe, one of the beneficiaries from the agrarian area of Oke-Ogun lamented “You know, politicians always play smart when the election is around the corner”. But governor Makinde has remained indifferent and adamant to the cries and hues of the young people who supported him through thick and thin in the last election. “Well for me” another beneficiary Sade Alade interjected, “I have given up on the governor and his government”. There is no need to expect a miracle from a government whose policies and programs on young people have fallen by the wayside.

    After my story, Makinde, and the revolt of the youth (https://oyoinsight.com/oyo101-makinde-and-the-revolt-of-the-youths-muftau-gbadegesin/) got published, three officials of the government called for my head. Kazeem Bolarinwa, Victor Olojede, and Kazeem Olalekan Israel attacked me for writing against their principal. I was tempted to reply but quickly moved to another important task. It was gratifying to know that lot of young people reached out to commend my efforts in amplifying their various voices. They believe that the three critics of my story were only protecting their pots of soup and are not entirely honest and sincere with their opinions I think the youth have seen the extent to which governor Makinde deeply cares about them in the Omituntun 1.0. certainly, Omituntun 2.0 won’t be different.

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