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PMS: Opposition Are After Auxilliary For Nothing, Other Unions Now Want To Join —Spokesman


Alhaji Emiola Abiola, Spokesperson of the Park Management System, an initiative of Governor Seyi Makinde led government in Oyo State has described the criticisms greeting the activities of the PMS as the masterstroke of the opposition especially those who are not happy with the success of the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee, Alhaji Mukaila Lamidi popularly known as Auxilliary on the job he has been given stressing however, that the initiative has come to stay.

Fielding questions on BOTTOM LINE on IBR 92.5fm Ibadan today, the Public Relations Officer of the System noted that there is a plot to pull the man “Auxilliary” down by all means and rubbish his achievements.

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When asked what the PMS is adding to the State’s coffer in form of Revenue, he said “actually, we are contributing our own quota. We are government employees and at every Park, there are tickets being issued by the State government. Alhaji Mukaila Lamidi known as Auxilliary does not own any Park. The parks belong to the State government but the Governor only uses Auxilliary as the Head. All the tickets being given out by the State governmrnt, are being sold at every motor parks so, we deliver all these monies back to the State government. These tickets are numbered. We sell everything on behalf of the State government and we remit everything to the State government”.

“Tickets are being given out and we have our own share on every ticket sold. These boys selling the ticket also have families and they need to take care of their families. The percentage given by the government is shared among those selling it”.

When asked on the average how many tickets the PMS sell on daily basis he said “you cannot quantify how many you sell because what is sold varies.

Speaking on the crisis between the PMS and ACCOMORAN, he said the development is confusing and amusing because “some of their members come down to our Chairman’s Office pleading to work with the PMS so, when some people come around and say all sorts, you begin to wonder who they are”

On the allegation that Auxilliary rides in long convoy, he said many people do not understand what they talk about. He justifies the long convoy explaining that

“Whenever the Chairman has a function, he drives his car because he does not use a Driver, and everyone working with him will carry their own vehicles too. I will also drive mine so, what are they saying?”

“On the allegation of fraud, do you know how many people have been arrested? With Auxilliary, you do not joke with ticket. Even his own vehicles collect ticket before leaving the Park daily. Some people just want to pull this man down for no reason”

He denied the insinuation that the appointment of Mukaila Lamidi(Auxilliary) is a compensation for the job done for Governor Seyi Makinde during the electioneering saying he was not the only one the Governor invited for the job but that others decline and Auxilliary accepted the job.

He said the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee of the PMS will forever be grateful to Governor Seyi Makinde and Otunba Seye who transformed him positively.

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