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Physically Challenged Persons Beg Makinde For Recognition


The people living with disabilities in Oyo State have urged the Governor-elect, Engr. Seyi Makinde to make sure that he include the physically challenge people into his government.
Addressing journalists yesterday at the Adamashingba Stadium Complex Ibadan, the Public Relation Officer of the Movement for the Disable, a Computer graduate from The Polythecnic of Ibadan, Comrade Wasiu Nurudeen Adanla, said the ministry will go a long way to address various issues affecting the disables in Oyo State.
Adanla, who is from ward 8 area of Ibadan North local government, said, “we have over five hundred thousand people living with disabilities in Oyo State and we may be physically challenged but we are very brilliant in terms of ideas, and I can say that anybody can become disabled at any giving time in life, so we need a ministry that will be responsible for their well being.
“We have office of the Special Assistant to Governor on disable matters, but this office is a personal political emoluments which has a limited functions, but if the incoming governor can create a ministry for the disables, this will go a long way in solving our numerous issues, we have in our midst some vibrant minds that are even capable more than the able people in our society, for instance the likes of Barr. Adekanmbi  who is a blind man but with a sound heart, though he is disabled but he is very intellectual, he studied law at an International University.
“We have once been paired with the ministry of Women Affairs but we have on several occasions been denied our rights from the ministry just because they said the ministry belongs to only women that are able, and that is the truth of the matter.
“We have in our midst the people that  are into sports, education, music and entertainment but we don”t have people that can support us or our ambitions, though we are disabled but that does not mean that we are unable to do a lot of things that can make life more meaningful to the society.
“This ministry will help us to showcase our talents to the wold at large through various programme that we will engage on, if the ministry is eventually created.”
“The incoming governor should note that we all cast our votes for him just because we knew that he is a kindhearted person, and he will be the first Governor to do such, and iI can guarantee him of our bulk votes anytime,” Adanla explained.

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