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PHOTOS: Seyi Adisa Gets New ‘Vehicle’, Shows It To Constituents


The lawmaker representing AFIJIO state constituency in the Oyo State House of Assembly, Hon. Seyi Adisa, just got a ‘new vehicle’ and he was captured yesterday, displaying it to members of his constituency.

Well, hold the thought. In actual terms, what the young honorable did was to present a new tractor to farmers in his constituency to aid their farming and to live up to his team’s politics of development agenda.

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While releasing details of the presentation via his social media handle,Adisa further expressed that the morale behind getting this tractor was to help the farmers remove the bottleneck posed by the lack of a dedicated tractor in the local government against optimum farming.

He wrote;

“In living up to the agriculture component of our Politics of Development agenda, my team has been in continuous engagement with farmers in Afijio, and one major challenge that kept recurring from these engagements is their struggle with ploughing and tilling their land for optimum farming.

The lack of a stationed and dedicated Tractor to this effect.

Before now, what was obtainable was getting one for hire and according to them, it was herculean making it available and sufficient for farming needs across the 8 regions of #Afijio. Added to this challenge was the dire price for hire.

This prompted us to go to work and leverage our networks to get this dedicated Tractor for their use. And we presented it to them yesterday.

As I’ve said before, the ultimate goal in our agric development plan is to explore the entire value chain of agriculture beyond production, but still, production must be ensured goes smoothly. Hence, our joy at getting this new whip!

A management plan has been put in place in conjunction with the farmers to ensure good use of this Tractor with the primary aim of getting even more…”

See more pictures below.

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