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PHOTOS: Olugbemi Appreciates Constituency Staff, Supports Them Financially


Beyond the event of Saturday 11th May, 2019 when Hon Olusunbo Olugbemi showered gift items worth N200 million on his constituents, it was another moment everyone wished should continue forever on the evening of Sunday the 19th of May, 2019 when he hosted his constituency staff and close associates to a superlative dinner.
There were more than enough to eat, drink and take away of the sumptuous provisions made for the guests, the bandstand was topnotch and right on point, it was indeed a night of revelation as no one could ever imagined Olugbemi could dance like David did, from zanku to asonto and all the dance steps in vogue, it was indeed a joyous moment for all in attendance.
In his characteristic manner, the lawmaker  allowed his guests to do more of the talkings from the least staff cadre to the most senior, because to him everyone matters. Everyone had ample time to bare their minds while he was attentive as usual to digest their messages.
It was indeed an emotion-filled night where encomiums, eulogies and appreciations rented the atmosphere, whoever never worked with or had a close relationship with Olugbemi never could imagine what he or she has missed.
All the constituency staff were lost in words in describing how amazing a man they have worked with in the last four years, each of them alluded to the fact that the last four years of working with Olugbemi have been the best of their lives with each of them stating categorically by itemizing huge positive impact that the lawmaker has added to their lives. It was indeed a night of reminisce, reflection, revelation and carting a way forward.


Olugbemi didn’t allow the night to end without appreciating his constituency staff for their dedication, resilience, unflinching love and support stating that all the feats accomplished by him wouldn’t have been possible but for the unwavering support of his team.
To seal the night up was a rigorous and insightful deliberations over life after May 29th for each of the team members and neither a white nor even a brown envelope was enough in the assessment of Olugbemi to keep his team and individual members up and doing beyond May 29th but everyone in attendance smiled home with cheques fat enough to say “Thank you” let’s keep our team intact and individual members above boards beyond our stay in office.

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