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PHOTOS: Lanlehin Visits Ido, Ibadan North West, Promises Better Life For People


In continuation of his campaigns across the state, Oyo State ADC governorship candidate, Senator Olufemi Lanlehin, has maintained that his resolve, and that of his party, is the improvement of the lives of the people.  Lanlehin, on tour of Ido and Ibadan NorthWest local governments, on Monday, charged voters to elect him, and the ADC in all elections, to bring to fruition, all his people-centered developmental ideas.

The tour, which kicked off at Owode Estate, Apata, saw Lanlehin promise the rehabilitation of roads, using local contractors, who in turn will employ artisans, and ensure shared prosperity. 

That Lanlehin said, would not only drive development to all nooks and corners of the state, but also ensure the state’s economy receives a kiss of life. 

“We’re a masses friendly party, hence, the people’s development is our major priority,” Lanlehin said.

Lanlehin, in a roadshow round Ido local government, traversed Erinkojaobe, Adifala, Aba Ege, Okia, Alagbede communities, acknowledging cheers along the way from excited members of the community. 

Berating the APC led government in the state, for the deplorable quality of the Omi Adio-Ido road, Lanlehin wondered why the Oyo State government neglected such an important road, which according to him, would’ve eased traffic on the  Eleyele-Ido road, and reduced agonies faced by farmers in the movement of agricultural produce. 

“All of this hunger will end by 29 May, 2019. We shall be paying salaries as and when due. You know that when water is poured from the top, it flows downwards. The Ido farm settlement will be revived, and we shall grant you interest free loans to encourage farming, and trading,” Lanlehin told the waiting crowd at the Ido Motor Park. 

Lampooning the APC for distributing what he termed a paltry ten thousand naira, in its heavily criticised Tradermoni Scheme, few months to leaving power, when it had been in power for nearly four years, Lanlehin assured the people that an ADC government will be at the forefront of their welfare, and will always work to better their lot.

Calling on voters to protect their votes, so as to ensure their mandate is not stolen, Lanlehin said, “do not leave after voting, stay to protect your votes. It’s just a matter of four hours, please, exercise that patience to secure your future for the next four years.”

At Apete, Lanlehin assured of the completion of the Apete road, free healthcare for children, pregnant women and nursing mothers, and the abolition of all fees at both primary and secondary school levels, all in a bid to promote the people’s welfare.

The same message of hope was also spread to Lanlehin’s home council area, Ibadan North West local government, with Lanlehin assuring the people of the area, of a government they can be truly proud of.

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