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PEN-TA-GUN: Attention, ‘Iya Ogunesan’ | Sikiru Akinola


Before I delve into the meat of the piece, let me first congratulate Chief (Mrs) Hannah Olawumi Ogunesan a.k.a ‘Iya Ogunesan’ on her appointment as the Head of Service (HoS) of the Oyo State Civil Service. ‎You are one person who knows what she wants and goes for it. You are an obinrin takun-takun.

This ‘son-to-mother’‎ advise became imperative following your recent ‘political’ activities since you assumed the exalted position. I had thought that your ‘reverred’ name will stop getting ‘political mention’ but it is becoming alarmingly high, even outside your Oke-ogun ‘catchment area’.

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PENTAGUN: Attention, Iya Ogunesan

‎Iya Ogunesan; let me tell you if you don’t know. God has been extremely wonderful to you and should be grateful to Him. I was one of the few people who saw your appointment coming. I know you were aware of the number of people in front of you, in the race for the exalted position. Our governor, Abiola Ajimobi, didn’t appoint you because of your 29 years in service, though you ‘worked’ for it. You should be lucky that you are coming on board at this auspicious time, just 53 years after you were born in Ago-Amodu, headquarters of Saki East local government.

Those who were your ‘seniors’‎ in service have ‘gba f’Olorun’ as they are now like cows without tails. Rather than sit down, to formulate policies that will bring forth effective and efficient civil service and civil servant, you are becoming more political. Only 8 days after you took oath of office, you were sighted in Iseyin, venue of the empowerment ceremony of Sen. AbdulFatai Buhari. I am not denying the fact that you are from Oyo North senatorial district but as the number one civil servant in the state, you should not have been seen in such an environment especially as it was not a state function. A civil servant is expected to be ‘neutral’ though I know it is impossible. You are meant to be an ‘Any Government In Power’ (AGIP) person.

Let me remind you of Ajimobi’s statement during your inauguration. You can copy and read. Take note of the words in capital letter. Here is it: “‎The position of the Head of Service is the ULTIMATE RUNG of the ladder in our civil service. The office is responsible for the LEADERSHIP, MANAGEMENT AND CAPACITY development of the civil and public service in the state.

“It is the ENGINE of governance and the administrative machinery for implementing government directives, programmes, activities and policies. In choosing the new HOS, painstaking efforts were put into carefully selecting someone who possesses UNCOMMON QUALITIES, including but not limited to experience, professionalism, diligence and loyalty to the vision and leadership of our government.”‎

Remember how leaders of the All Progressives Congress, APC, especially from Saki East local government took to the Oyo State Government secretariat to protest ‎your alleged imposition of all 18 council chairmen in the 10 and 8 Okeogun local government areas and local council development areas repesctively last year. You went away with it. This was after you ensured your biological brother, Hon. Olajide Olatubosun, got the APC ticket for ATISBO, Saki East and Saki West federal constituency seat in the House of Representatives in 2015.

‎Recently when the Oyo State Independent Electoral Commission, OYSIEC, lifted‎ ban on political activities in the state, your name has continued to ‘enjoy’ mention. Everyday, everywhere, I hear your name. They say you are behind the alleged imposition of candidates in the APC; that you have allegedly ordered SENACO leaders across the state to be compiling list of ‘preferred’ members to contest the May 12, 2018 council polls. This is coming few days after some aggrieved members protested the planned imposition of candidates for election. At first, I dismissed it as a LIE. But when I remember how, on several ocassions, you ‘shut down’ the state, I had a change of mind; that these people may be right. Twice, in a space of three months, your two senior daughters got married and the who-is-who in the state and near were there. During your inauguration, all governmental activities were paralysed just because of you. What do you want again? Sorry I forget to add; dem talk say you want contest senatorial election and also have ambition to deputise the next governor of the state.

‎Just like I advised Ajimobi earlier this month; you also have a lot to lose should the crisis in the APC continues. The crisis may make or mar the party and should the party lose the 2019 elections, you will be removed as HoS. I am very sure of that. The new governor would order you retire ‘compusorilly’. Just like you have a lot to lose, you also have a lot to do, to ensure the wishes of majority partymen prevail, especially in the forthcoming council election.

I am sure Ajimobi is aware of all these and that ‎was why, during your inauguration, he advised you to face your assignment with the needed zeal and ‘turn deaf ears to verbal attacks and side talks in order not to be derailed.’

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