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Oyo Has Decided: Is It The Right Decision Or The Payback Time | Kunle Sotibi


The build up to the Oyo State governorship election was full of political campaigns, canvassing for votes and eventually last-minute forming of alliance. At last the allied forces of the opposition defeated the candidate from the ruling party, APC. 

Few days to the election, the five-horse race was reduced to a two-horse race and this made the PDP candidate have a stronger chance of heading to the Agodi state house by May 29.

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It is not that the APC candidate has nothing good to offer the people of oyo state but as the biblical words quoted ‘if the foundation is faulty what can the righteous do’, it’s glaring that the people of Oyo were tired of the sitting governor who had ruled for eight years and they forbid to have the next governor which is said to be a godson to him. Adelabu’s defeat was as a result of the controversial personality of his godfather.

Seyi Makinde, who had been in the race since 2011 and fortunately in the 2019 election — the cap of the next governor of Oyo state seems to fit him sizably well. Seyi Makinde’s emergence will usher him to the state house by May, 29 2019.

This governorship election shows that people of Oyo state actually voted for personality and not the political party. With what happened during the Senate and federal house of assembly election where APC had 9 federal honourables out of 14 and 2 out of 3 senatorial seats in the state might give the APC candidate for governor a strong win and that the APC will dominate the state house of Assembly actually ended up as sham, the PDP won the governorship election and won 25 out of the 32 seats  for the state house of assembly.

During several governorship debates, before the voting process and at many campaigns the people were fed with the blueprints of the governorship candidates. Does it mean that the APC candidate had a wonderful blueprint than its counterparts for them to win the election? Or is it the last minute allied forces, that is,  the support of some important political parties that would have assisted them? 

Unfortunately, Governor Abiola Ajimobi whose eight years in office will expire by May this year has apparently got wounded twice, his loss for the senatorial seat is heartbroken and his failure to have a successor from his political party is another sign that the people does not only want him but they don’t want the foot path of his steps as well. 

The O to gé movement (it is over) which kicked out Senator Bukola Saraki and PDP in Kwara state also played out in the state. On the score book of the people of Oyo state, we can really say that the people have decided who should  rule them for another four years.

Henry Fielding in his words said“ Comfort me by a solemn Assurance, that when the little Parlour in which I sit at this Instant, shall be reduced to a worse furnished Box, I shall be read, with Honour, by those who never knew nor saw me, and whom I shall neither know nor see”. Good name they say is very much important than gold or silver. 

Be as it may, whether the people of Oyo state really believed in the governor-elect blueprints and plans or they forbade the anointed son of the sitting governor, the important point is that the masses have decided and a new hand writing has been added to the history of the pacesetter state.

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