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Oyo APC: In The End, We All Learnt Our Lessons | Hammed Olabisi

As far as I know,Senator Abiola Ajimobi by his political pedigree is the best when it comes to architectural design and implementation. The master of new Oyo state and will never be the worst no matter the angle you view it for his obvious offence was late or irregular salary payment which of course did not happen when the oil pitfalls was flourishing during the first term in office when 13th month salary was unprecedented.
Being unnecessarily loquacious is what majority of those who don’t like him see as his achilles heel; it’s peculiar to every typical Ibadan man. Oyo state politics is vast and has tender stature for a governor to be too perfect it will be until after years when people must have compared and contrasted the pros and cons of his predecessors and successor. The Great Lam of today in the history of Oyo politics once had a derogatory ballad on every lips then which goes thus;”Laaamu o, Laamu,Laamu o o Laamu,ewure lo firugbon yi jooo taasere o, ewure lo firugbon yi jooo taasere” ( Meaning,”Lam, this your beard resembles that of he goat and so on.) Today nko, Lam has suddenly become a legend like he was never cursed and abused while in office. In a nutshell, propaganda, lies, deceits, gimmicks and usurpations are ingredients of politics so whoever that has no strong shock absorber should either stay away from it totally or remain passive because the more you are active the more you are exposed to ridicules.
Senator Isiaq Abiola Ajimobi: A courageous fighter, magnanimous competitor, invincible warlord, charismatic leader and grateful heart.
Indeed, I always adore your courage and carriage and charisma.
shine on master! We are not deterred.
Above all, like you always say that; humanity is created with imperfections there is no way a man can walk having his head stabilized, so is your case and everyone born of a woman castigating you for your imperfections. May God perfect all that concerns all of us and forgive us all of our sins no matter how little.
It must have been our tradition that every leader like you must face criticism like your predecessors so will your successor as well. No matter how he that took the mantle of leadership from you hides his weaknesses, before the end of his tenure, his achilles heel too shall be unveiled.
I am quite sure that former governor Abiola Ajimobi has learnt one or two LESSONS about life because life is embedded in politics and vice versa. Our party must have learnt its LESSONS too. The incumbent should know that there is no way he can be perfect. Do your best in good faith without inciting people against your predecessor for whatever you do that makes people to hail you may later become the factor they will wail about sooner or later.
Governor Abiola Ajimobi is not only our leader but a living Legend.
Hammed Olabisi is of the APC Media frontier in Iseyin local government.

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