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Oyo 2019: ‘Unhappy’ Oseni Says God Won’t Forgive Those Behind ADC Crisis Except…


One of the gubernatorial aspirants on the platform of the African Democratic Congress, ADC, Engr Remi Oseni, has expressed sadness over the turn of events in the party especially as it regards nomination of gubernatorial candidate for the 2019 election.

Oseni, who is a cleric at Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministry, alleged that the party was shady in its dealings.

He, however, promised not to leave the party.

I want to thank all of you for your total support so far.  I tried my best to minimise my communication on the issue of our Governorship primarievas a true leader. I did my best in the interest of the party, in the interest of my leaders despite their insufficient support  for my political ambition. 

I gave support to my governorship aspirants colleagues in pursuing common objectives even when some of their opinions are not in line with my ideology .  I failed to abandon them when they needed me most.  I supported Senator Lanlehin when my leader sought for my support. 

The national leadership succumbed to the request of the G13 and asked the 13 aspirants to select one person  within themselves. 

Unfortunately, they came back to say the man that emerged didn’t pay for form. If they knew they would not make use of the result why did they allow it to hold and Senator Lanlehin  took part in it. 

Listen,  even if he is not a popular candidate he has emerged. If Senator Lanlehin had won we would not know that Nureni didn’t pay for form. We are in trouble. 

Now, the truth is this, why was Nureni given the form when he didn’t pay? Where in the constitution was part payment allowed? Why was he allowed to be screened along with us? Everything is fraud.

I am sure it may not be Nure alone who got form without payment.  Our internal auditor should swing into action. 

They must be prosecuted.  The form sales must be probed. Look at people who want to unseat a government. 

Why is it now that constituency project becomes screening criteria? Why was the requirements not released before purchase of nomination form? 

The only thing I remember they were saying everyday to our ears was money and statement of account. 

Because they knew their candidates may not be able to provide evidence of financial capability they suddenly dropped it.

They started looking for other means to discredit some of us.  Why did party suddenly drop the request for bank statements at the screening as initially canvassed by the leaders?

Look, the country needs deliverance. Our political leaders need deliverance. 

John 8: 32 says the truth that you know will make you free. When you tell one lie , you need another one to cover it. What you are reading and hearing are products of deception and poor leadership qualities that the country is going through. 

Where did the keenly contested election they claimed originally take place? Nomination was already concluded before screening.  This is what is hunting everyone. 

When you murder sleep you may not be able to sleep.

Why did the party allow all the members to be subjected to this endless and avoidable pain when we already had candidate before screening. All because of personal  interest. All the leaders came to the screening with their  independent candidate that’s the cause of the trouble we are going through. 

Look at God at work.

That’s why we are suffering now. The will of God should be allowed to prevail. Unfortunately, with candidate that can’t win election on a good day. We are in serious trouble. 

Thank God for divine intervention. You can’t cover truth. All would be well IJN. 

 I wish they all understand deeply who the true God is. He is a God of judgement. It is a matter of time.  The inequities of the father would be visited to the first and the third generation. 

Anyone that is set out to destroy ADC would not go away with.  Anyone that rob Oyo State  genuine leadership wouldn’t go away with it.  

All those behind ADC crisis should remember God will not forgive them except they repent. 

In 2 Chronicles 7:14, the bible says

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

I will address press conference very soon. 

We are not leaving the party now.  But I will tell you my next line of action  very soon. 

Many people don’t want anything good for Oyo state but to trade on her destiny and glory. N5.4M was covered only on form.  What would you cover when you get to office? We must know all those who took part in the screening at all levels without payment for nomination form. 

 I will still fulfil the agenda of God for Oyo State. God bless you all. No matter how late.

Once again thank you.

Engr. Remi Oseni

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