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Oyo 2019: No Reasonable Ibarapaman Should Vote For Ajimobi, APC — Ex-LG Boss


A former chairman of Ibarapa Central local government and candidate of the Action Democratic Party, ADP, for Ibarapa Central/North federal constituency election, Hon. Yemi Akinlabi, has advised the people of Ibarapaland against voting for Sen. Abiola Ajimobi, who is seeking a return to the Senate.

Akinlabi, who spoke when his party’s governorship candidate, Otunba Adebayo Alao-Akala visited, said Ajimobi has no single project in the three Ibarapa local government areas

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Campaign for ADP 2019

(Being a text of speech delivered at the Ibarapa Zonal ADP rally in Igboora on 22/01/19 by Hon. Akinyemi Akinlabi, House of Reps Candidate)

First and foremost, I will like to plead with every voter and candidates in the ongoing electioneering campaign to let us deal with issues and educate the people convincingly on why we should vote for us.

During this election, parties and candidates will be voted for based on the credibility and antecedents of the candidates more than the symbol of the party. It is now the responsibilities of candidates and in fact all politicians to give appropriate education and enlightment to our prospective voters. 

Ibarapas should make this election year a compensation for Otunba Adebayo Alao Akala who has been the best Governor so far for us in terms of delivery of dividend of democracy. The reasons are:

▪ He is the most experienced candidate for the job.

▪ He established Oyo State College of Agriculture and Technology,


▪ He constructed the long abandoned Ofiki Bridge linking Igboora to

Fedegbo Villages which was abandoned for over fifty years.

▪ He laid the main pipe for water supply from Okungba Dam to Ayete and


▪ He awarded the contract and mobilized the contractor to lay water pipe

from Eruwa water works to Igboora and Idere.

▪ His administration gave appointments to a sizeable number of Ibarapa

indigenes more than any other government past or present.

▪ His administration gave us a democratic and free local government.

I am sorry and I have to apologize to my people for being one of those who participated in campaigning against Governor Akala’s good government. I apologize to my people and the incoming governor Akala for being a culprit in the events that brought hardship, poor government, calamity, arrogance and mismanagement of public life to them and the state through the outgoing Governor Ajimobi. 

For eight years, there is no single project he executed or completed in Ibarapa land except the projects I and others executed as Council Chairmen which he now attributes to himself.

1Although Dr Akala achieved all the above listed as a PDP governor, he was a rare member of the party and a progressive who needed to check out of the party before the electorates put the PDP in the dustbin of history four year ago. After eight years in office as a member of Federal House of Reps, there is no earthly reason for my brother, Ajibola Muraina to seek the third term except to face highest degree of humiliation and rejection at the poll. Enough is enough. People should also realize that PDP of Oyo state today is a personal property of one man, a businessman who handpicked every candidate.

It is disheartening that a man who performed woefully as a Senator for four years and governor for eight years can decide to completely takeover our political life in the state directly and by proxy. Proxy in the sense that he handpicked all his Councillors, Chairmen and Candidates for positions from State House of Assembly to the Governorship. Are we so senseless in Oyo state to allow this one man show and totalitarianism?

From 1999 to date, Oyo South has produced five senators and Ajimobi is the only one who did not execute any physical project in Ibarapa zone. A result sheet of the performances of the previously elected Senators are listed below:

Senator Peter Adeyemo (May 29 1999 to May 28, 2003) Ibarapa central

▪ Loan and Women Empowerment under SAWEC ▪ Borehole Project at AUD primary School, Igboora ▪ Motorized borehole at Onile Kaa Village, Idere

Ibarapa East Local Govt.

▪ Loan and Women Empowerment under SAWEC.

▪ Vocational Centre at Eruwa (No more functioning) ▪ Motorized borehole project in Eruwa.

Ibarapa North Local Government

▪ Loan and Women Empowerment under SAWEC.

▪ Borehole Project opposite Baptist High School, Aiyete ▪ Borehole Project at Isale Imofin, Tapa

▪ Ibarapa Central Local Govt: ▪ Ibarapa East Local Govt:

▪ Ibarapa North Local Govt:


Senator Abiola Ajimobi (2003 to 2007)

Senator Kamoru Adedibu (2007 to 2011) Ibarapa Central Local Govt:

• Solar Powered Borehole, Koso, Idile Ibarapa East Local Govt:

▪ Hand Pump deep well at Isale Togun, Lanlate ▪ A moribund Vocational Centre in Eruwa

Ibarapa North Local Govt: NOTHING

Senator Olufemi Lanlehin (2011 to 2015) Ibarapa Central Local Govt

▪ Construction of one Primary Health Care Centre at Imeleke Road, Igboora (Yet to be completed)

▪ Solar powered borehole at Towobowo market, Igboora (and Oja Isale Oba )

▪ Solar powered borehole at School of Science, Idere ( Araromi Village and Dagbere Village)

Ibarapa East Local Govt

▪ A block of Classrooms and Toilet at Muslim High School, Eruwa ▪ Solar powered borehole in Lanlate (isale Togun and Okeotun)

▪ Solar powered borehole in Eruwa (Four boreholes)

Ibarapa North Local Govt

• Solar powered borehole in Igangan

• Solar Powered borehole at Aiyete

• Solar powered borehole at Tapa

Senator Adesoji Akanbi (2015 to date) Ibarapa Central Local Govt

• A block of Classrooms at Iberekodo High School, Igboora

• Motorized borehole at Iberekodo High School, Igboora

• Solar Powered borehole at Igboora Central Mosque, Igboora

Ibarapa East Local Govt

• Vocational Training Centre, Opp Abattoir , Eruwa (Not functioning yet)

• Hand Pump borehole at Anigilaje filling station, Lanlate

• Solar powered borehole at Bolorunpelu, Lanlate

Ibarapa North Local Govt

• A block of Classrooms at Oke Ako High School. Igangan

• Hand Pump at Oke Ola, Igangan

• Hand Pump at Ansar Udeen Mosque, Igangan

Having these open facts in mind, I can’t just imagine what could make a reasonable resident of Ibarapa to vote for Ajimobi or any of his self anointed candidates or his party. There is no better time to vote out APC than now.

Akinyemi Akinlabi

House of Representatives Candidate, ADP Former Caretaker Committee Chairman Ibarapa Central Local Government, Igboora

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