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Oyo 2019: Arisekola Alao’s Son Unfolds Plans For Ibadan North Federal Constituency


Umar-Farouk Arisekola, son of late Aare Musulumi of Yorubaland, Alhaji Azeez Arisekola, has promised to bring unprecedented development and represent the people of Ibadan North federal constituency adequately if he is elected in the forthcoming elections.

The young Arisekola is contesting on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

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According to the 36-year old former youth and sports commissioner in Oyo State, his entry into the race was borne out of the need to put smiles on the faces of the people of the federal constituency, adding that only people with track records and integrity can represent the people effectively and efficiently at the National Assembly.

Arisekola, who spoke while receiving leaders of over 30 youth groups at his late father’s residence, said that he is not new to the system, especially with his records when he was commissioner for youth and sports at four years ago, at age 32.

“When I finally get to the lower chamber of the National Assembly, I am going to make sure I do everything necessary to represent this constituency as it should. I don’t criticize people because I believe you cannot do more than your ability. However, I believe I can represent this constituency better than all those who have represented us. This is apart from the fact that I am youthful; I have the mental energy to do many things. 

“Our constituency, being the landlord of Oyo State, needs a fresh face. I am not talking about the look. Physical empowerment is good and we will continue it. But there are some things that this constituency, with its history, need in terms of representation. We are lucky that we have two great institutions in this constituency; the University of Ibadan and The Polytechnic, Ibadan. There, we have sound minds who you can easily relate this. There are ways by which you can get to know what people want through these sets of people. Secondly, as a son of the late Aare Musulumi, I can say I know how to relate with people. We grew up to learn this from my late father. I am not contesting because my father did many philanthropic works while alive though it is one of those things, I want to go to the House of Representatives because I cannot continue to watch while this constituency lacks adequate representation.

“I am not a desperate person. I contested in 2015 under this same party. I came second at the primaries. I congratulated the winner. I worked for the success of the party and later resumed at my office in Lagos. I have a second address. I don’t see politics as a means to amass wealth. It is good to be wealthy but my late father would tell you that you cannot be happy when many people are poor, don’t have anything to eat. To the glory of God, we are doing well. That is one thing Aare did for us. I may be comfortable but we cannot close our eyes when things are not going as expected. Any unemployed person is a threat to many rich people. The function of a lawmaker is not to give jobs but I, together with my colleagues, will make sure we come up with bills that will lead to job creation. I will not be far-away from home. If I win, I have it in mind to host town hall meetings every quarter. This is to make sure I know what my constituents want and how to achieve this. Mine is going to be an uncommon representation,” he added.

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