Osun REC Loses Aide In Ibadan Armed Robbery Attack


    He was few minutes away from his Ajibode house. He was coming from Ikire, Osun State where he had gone to pick his toddler son, his last child.

    Mubarak Olanrewaju Sulaiman, who was referred to as an ‘onlooker’ in a statement by the police, was shot by armed robbers who attacked a bullion van around Idi Ape, Ibadan.

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    Mubarak was, until his death, personal assistant to Professor Ganiyu Raji, resident electoral commissioner, in Osun State.

    Like three others — two police officers and one of the armed robbers who was whisked away by his colleagues, Sulaiman was not lucky. His two-year old son, who was in the car, was fortunate.

    In a manner that suggested he was shot directly, the deceased, who is said to be 37, was pictured seated in his car, belted, with skull blown open.

    His remains have been buried at a muslim cemetery around Akinyele.

    Ironically, Mubarak was inside the banking hall at the same Idi Ape in 2010, the last time  daredevil armed robbers attacked the bank, only for him to unlucky this time around.

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